Why you need a hybrid inverter with your Sungrow Battery Package

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Sungrow Battery Package

If you’re ready to install the Sungrow Battery Package with your existing solar system, you might be wondering why you need the hybrid inverter when you’ve already got a solar inverter.


Hybrid inverters work differently to standard solar inverters

Your normal solar inverter has one job: to convert the DC power generated by your solar panels to AC power that can be used in your home. It converts electricity from DC to AC only, whereas hybrid inverters work both ways. 

You’ll need the hybrid inverter because batteries store electricity as DC power. So the hybrid inverter takes the AC power (from the solar energy being used in your home or from the electricity grid) and sends it to the battery as DC power. Then, when electricity from your battery is being used, it’s discharged as DC power and therefore needs to be converted back to AC power again for use in your home. 


I already have a hybrid inverter. Do I need yours?

The Sungrow battery that comes in the package is only compatible with the Sungrow hybrid inverter. Similarly, there are other batteries that will be compatible only with other specific brands of hybrid inverters. 

To check yours, first check that your inverter is in fact a hybrid inverter. Many solar inverters are sold as “battery-ready” but really aren’t, so Google your inverter make and model to double check. 

If you already have the Sungrow hybrid inverter, great! Let us know and we’ll give you a quote that only includes the battery. 

If you have a different brand of hybrid inverter, we recommend you look at the specific batteries that are compatible with your inverter.

However, if you have a different hybrid inverter but have your heart set on the Sungrow, don’t worry. You could install the Sungrow battery and hybrid inverter alongside your existing hybrid inverter, similarly to how the battery package is installed in households that have a standard solar inverter (this is called AC coupling). To do this, you will need to purchase the whole Sungrow Battery Package, hybrid inverter included.


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