Why we’re giving away a year’s worth of free electricity

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solar panels installed on the roof in south australia

Here at DC Power Co, we’re looking forward to the day when we all have a $0 electricity bill. The decreasing cost of installing solar and battery storage systems means that this day is closer than ever, however most of us aren’t there just yet.

Australia now has over 2 million solar households across the country and that number is growing faster than ever before. If you’ve installed solar you’ve taken the first step to a lower power bill, so what’s next?

Well solar alone can actually deliver a $0 electricity bill.

Many people who installed solar in the early days were incentivised by their State Government with a premium feed-in tariff (PFiT), meaning they’re getting a higher feed-in tariff from the government on top of their power company’s standard feed-in tariff.

If you’re lucky enough to be receiving a PFiT, it’s very possible you don’t pay an electricity bill. In fact there could be tens of thousands of households in Victoria alone with a $0 electricity bill.

But most people who installed solar more recently aren’t receiving the PFiT, so you’re probably wondering whether a battery could be the next step for you.

Batteries are the way of the future, and more and more Australians are installing them. Like solar a decade ago, their price is coming down and government rebates are helping make them an affordable option for many Australians. In fact, battery incentive schemes are now available in ACT, NSW,  VIC, QLD and SA.

The days of $0 electricity bills are getting closer, but in the meantime we want to give five lucky DC Power Co customers a taste with a year’s worth of free electricity. Switch to DC Power Co by 4 April, 2019 to go in the running.

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