Why I got a solar battery: Scott’s story

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Scott's solar battery story

When it comes to getting a solar battery, Scott will tell you “there’s almost no reason not to do it.”

Why? For Scott, a big part of it is self sufficiency. 

A battery can boost the average solar home’s use of solar power from around 25% to as high as 80%. This means using solar power day and night, and reducing the amount of expensive electricity you have to buy from your power company. 

In this way solar batteries are also cost effective, says Scott. Buying less electricity, especially during the evening peak, means “your bills go down.”


A cost-effective battery package

The DC Sunny Saver is DC Power Co’s powerful yet simple and affordable battery package. Starting at just $5850 plus installation, it’s a modular battery package that comes with extended warranties and blackout protection included at no extra cost.

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