Why would I get a battery when my solar is saving me money?

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Why would I get a solar battery when my solar panels are already saving me money?

Australians are feeling the pinch of rising electricity prices but if you’ve got solar panels, you’ve already taken the first step to taking control of your power bill. 

The key to maximising your solar savings is by using more solar energy in your home, rather than exporting it to the electricity grid. This is because most people pay more for the electricity they buy from their power company than they get for their feed-in tariff. 

Investing in a solar battery can boost the amount of solar energy you use in your home from around 25% to as high as 80%. This means you’ll be able to lock in your solar savings and protect yourself from rising prices. 

Plus, getting a solar battery doesn’t have to break the bank! At DC Power Co, we’re gearing up to launch an exciting new solar battery called the DC Sunny Saver. Efficient and affordable, the DC Sunny Saver comes with industry leading warranties and blackout protection all for less than $6000. 


Looking into solar batteries?

At DC Power Co, we don’t think solar batteries should break the bank. That’s why we’ve designed the affordable DC Sunny Saver. A reliable brand, quality products, and an extended warranty, all for under $6000.

Designed to fit you, the DC Sunny Saver’s modular design means it can grow with you and your family’s needs. You can also protect yourself from summer blackouts with the Emergency Blackout Box.


Find out more about the DC Sunny Saver battery package here

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