Why you’ll love DC Power Co

Get your electricity through the only power company dedicated to solar households.

The only power company specialising in solar

A team dedicated to lowering your bills and enabling your independence.

You invested a lot in your solar panels, and we want to honour that investment. There is no-one better to make your solar work harder than the team who are committed to your electricity independence. We want lower electricity bills to be a reality for all Australians.


No vested interest in selling you more

Solar households are unique, which is why our business model is too.

We have no vested interest in getting you to use more electricity from the grid and no financial interest in selling you more. Our capped $10 (GST exc) monthly DC Fee isn’t hidden in your usage rate, it’s called out on your bill. We believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly where your dollar is going.


Savings guaranteed

Worried about cost? We're so confident our solar services will save you money, we guarantee it.

As a solar customer, if you don’t save money on electricity in your first year with DC Power Co, compared to your previous provider, we’ll credit you the difference plus 10%*. Because we’re so confident our services will help you save. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Know when your solar system isn't working

With our Solar Alert, you can feel confident you're not buying electricity when you don't need to.

The Clean Energy Regulator found almost 20% of rooftop solar systems were not functioning properly, and many Australians are missing out on lower bills. Make sure you’re not one of them with our Solar Alert. If we notice your system’s export is unusual, we’ll alert you via SMS. Find out more about Solar Alert.

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Personalised advice to help you save

Your solar works harder with us.

There is no issue too big or small when it comes to reducing your bill. We offer personalised advice on electricity usage, solar exports and improving your energy efficiency through our app and email service. You’ll be able to track your usage and exports, see your forecast costs and understand the times of day when you’re using the most. We’ll also analyse your usage and make sure you’re on the right tariff structure. Find out more about our personalised advice.


Solar, upgrades and batteries made simple

The latest technology to size up your roof and get a quote in minutes.

By entering your address and answering a few simple questions, we can provide a quote for the best solar, upgrade or battery set up for your home. You’ll be connected to dedicated professionals who can answer your questions and trusted local installers to get the job done. Find out more about solar products.


Focused on the future

You'll be informed of the latest opportunities for solar households.

We are committed to changing the game for people with solar and we’re dedicated to finding the best opportunities for you to get better value. Whether that’s government rebates in your area or letting you know about the latest technology, you’ll be kept up-to-date on everything solar in Australia.


*The Savings Guarantee is available to customers with a solar system installed at the time of claim. If you purchase more electricity in your first year with us compared to the previous year, the savings calculation is based upon the previous year’s electricity usage. See full Terms and Conditions.

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