Why Australia can (and should) be powered by renewable energy

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A whopping 25% of our Facebook followers that we surveyed last week think that  Australia can’t be powered by 100% renewable energy. This is a common misunderstanding – not only is it possible to power the country with renewable energy, Australia should shift to renewables. 

Here’s why…  


We can move to 100% renewable energy

Despite popular belief, through a combination of renewable energy sources (think low-cost wind and solar PV along with other technologies such as solar thermal, hydro and biomass) and energy storage (batteries and pumped hydro) renewables could provide secure, reliable and affordable power for all Australians, including big industry. 

But what about when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing? That’s when the energy stored in batteries or held in dams kicks in.

Not only is an electricity grid powered by 100% renewables feasible, it’s already happening around the world. There are a number of countries that have achieved, or are close to achieving, 100% renewable energy, including Iceland (100%), Paraguay (100%), Costa Rica (99%), Norway (98.5%), Austria (80%), Brazil (75%), and Denmark (69.4%).


We should move to 100% renewable energy

Right now Australia has access to more than enough solar and wind resources to power the entire country and it’s the cheapest new-build form of energy. So why aren’t we taking advantage of it?

Most Australlians get their electricity from energy companies that own big, polluting and inefficient power plants. These companies often use their market power to drive up electricity prices, and they frequently lobby governments to keep the energy system the same.

As a result, Australia has one of the most expensive and polluting electricity markets in the world. 

The cost of electricity in Australia has risen almost 120% in the last decade and we’re by far the biggest exporter of coal globally, even though over 80% of Australians want more action on climate change.

The solution? Harness the power of renewable energy to create a cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy supply.


How we transition to renewables

The transition to renewable energy has already started – Australia got 21% of its total power generation from renewables last year. 

Together with large-scale generation, this shift is being led by everyday Australians that are putting solar panels on their roofs. In fact by 2050 it’s estimated that solar households will supply 30-45% of Australia’s electricity needs. 

We need to focus on supporting these solar households to get batteries, attracting longer term investment in large-scale renewable projects and on expanding transmission infrastructure to areas where ample wind and solar resources are available.


Want to switch to a company that supports renewable energy?

More people are installing solar panels than ever before and are increasingly calling for more renewable energy.  At DC Power Co, our vision is an Australia powered by renewables. 

DC Power Co is made for solar households, and we offer a suite of services to help our customers get more out of their solar system. From connection to the grid to letting you if your solar system ever stops working, we’re with you every step of your solar journey.



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