Which solar battery package is right for me?

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At DC Power Co, we’re passionate about renewable energy, particularly home renewables. We understand there are many products in the market and it can be confusing to try and work out which is the best choice, so we’ve used our industry expertise to do the research for you. 

We subsequently developed two market-leading solar battery packages, both designed to tick the boxes on affordability, technology and design.

So which of our two battery packages is right for you? And what’s the difference between them?


Need solar panels with your battery? Our solar and battery package is for you

If you’re looking to add solar panels and a battery to your home, our solar and battery package is for you.

Designed specifically for households adding solar panels at the same time, the battery system included in the package is the Redback Smart Hybrid System which was designed by another Australian company. 

Installed in thousands of homes, the Redback Smart Hybrid System is an all-in-one, modular system featuring a 5kW inverter, inbuilt cabling and modular Pylontech battery storage – from 4.8kW to 11.8kW. 

We’ve then combined this system with quality solar panels and a qualified and vetted installer network. So it’s a complete solution that deliveries you exceptional value, Australian technology, expert advice…and no hard sell.

To get started, get a free solar and battery package estimate, installation included, starting from just $11,850. 

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Only after a solar battery? Our battery package is for you 

Already got solar panels? Look no further than the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package.

Using smart technology from Sungrow with Samsung battery cells, this battery package can be retrofitted with almost any existing solar system. It can be AC-coupled (or DC-coupled) so it sits alongside your existing solar system without impacting your existing warranties.

Sized to fit most Australian solar households, the modular design means you can tailor your system to suit your needs.  This battery package comes with great warranties and blackout protection included at no extra cost. 

Starting at just $6750 plus installation, this is one of the best value solar battery packages in Australia. 

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