When should I get solar panels?

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The simple answer? If you own your house, now is the time to get solar. This is because solar panels will start saving you money from the moment they’re connected. 

That said, there are a few situations in which timing your solar installation might work in your favour. 


I’m building or renovating my home soon. When should I get solar panels?

If you’re building your home (or undertaking a significant renovation) installing your solar panels during construction is a great time to optimise your setup and minimise installation costs. You (or rather, your builder and solar installer) can do this by:

  • ensuring you have enough roof space for your optimal number of solar panels.
  • designing the the tilt and orientation of your roof for maximum sun exposure
  • minimising rooftop shading from nearby power lines or trees.
  • pre-installing your solar system wiring in the walls before they’re sealed for a neater and more cost-effective installation.

Plus, by doing your solar installation at the same time as your build, you’ll get it done quicker and with less time spent organising trades. We think that in itself is reason enough to get it all done at once! 


I’m moving house. Should I get solar panels?

If you plan to move on from your current home in the next year or two, it might be worth waiting until you do move into your new home to get solar panels. 

This won’t be the case for everyone though. If you can afford the upfront cost of a solar system and you want to become more energy independent today, then solar is still a great option. Plus, research suggests solar panels add almost $6000 per kW of solar power to the value of a home – that could mean a huge $29,000 if you had a 5kW solar system. 

So even if you don’t stay in your home long enough for your energy savings to completely pay for your solar system (solar panel systems have an average payback of 3-5 years) the added value to your home might make up for it. 


What’s the best time of year to get solar panels?

Even though solar is often front of mind in the sunny summer months, there’s no definitive ideal time of the year to get solar panels. In fact summer is often the busiest time of the year for solar installers so wait times tend to blow out. This means it’s often quicker and easier to get solar in the winter months. 

At the end of the day, solar installers work year-round and the sooner you get solar, the sooner you’ll start saving money.


Ready to go solar?

If you’re planning to get solar panels installed, now is the most cost effective time to add a battery. This is because you’ll cut out extra installation costs and combine the two components’ payback into one, shorter payback period. 

With solar and a battery, you can save much more on energy than if you just got solar panels. In fact, you can save up to 80% on your current bills.* 

Our mid-sized solar and battery package (including installation) can pay for itself in less than 7 years*, so why not have a look at our Aussie-designed solution?

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If you already have solar, but want to add a battery, check out our solar battery package.



*This scenario is the 6.6kW system and a mid sized battery (7kWh). Assuming typical generation in Victoria and assuming battery gets cycled 90% of the time at 90% depth, solar savings are estimated at $1,734 ($0.20 average value of the solar generated, which could be 10c FiT and 30c usage rate at 50/50% as an example). Battery savings would be an additional $440 per annum, for total savings of $2,174.

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