What type of battery for my solar panels?

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What type of battery for my solar panels

So you’ve got solar panels and you’re ready to take the next step to add a battery. You may be thinking, what brand battery is compatible and do I need a specific type of battery system? 

The good news is that most battery systems will work with your solar set up, but there are some types that are easier (and cheaper!) to install with your solar panels. 



How your battery is installed makes all the difference

There are two ways a battery system can be installed, either DC coupled or AC coupled. 

DC coupled means that your solar panels will be installed directly into your battery system (that is, the battery’s hybrid inverter or charging device which allows energy to flow in and out of your battery).

AC coupled means your battery system will be installed alongside your current solar system, both of which connect into your switchboard. 


If you already have solar panels, AC coupled is the way to go

If you’ve already got solar panels, it’s worth getting a battery system that can be AC coupled to your existing solar set up. Because this doesn’t require your panels to be connected directly into the battery system, AC coupled installations are quicker, simpler and cheaper to carry out. 

Your installer won’t have to tinker with your existing solar system and your solar system warranties will remain intact.


Ready to take the next step? 

We’ve designed a high-quality, modular battery system that is suitable for most solar homes. The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package can be AC coupled and the modular design means that you can get one, two or three batteries to easily tailor your system to suit your needs. 

At just $6750 plus installation, the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package comes with great warranties and blackout protection so you can be confident you’ll have power even if the electricity grid goes down. 

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