What to expect from your solar battery at different times of the year

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When you add a battery to your solar system, chances are you’ll notice a difference in the performance of your system between seasons. 

Just like your solar panels, it’s normal to see your battery working harder and longer during the summer months than in winter. It all comes down to the amount of sun hitting your solar panels. 

Last year, our CFO and co-founder Emma installed a 4.8kWh solar battery system alongside her existing 3.6kW solar system at her Melbourne home. She’s now experienced the difference between summer and winter and here’s what she found… 


What to expect from your solar battery in summer

In summer, your solar panels will be generating lots of electricity. This means you’re in the best position to really get the most out of your solar battery.

Emma found that during the summer months, her solar system was generating enough solar energy to power her home and charge her battery. Her battery was usually fully charged by the early afternoon and so the excess solar power she wasn’t using was exported to the grid to earn her a feed-in credit. 

With a fully charged solar battery, she was able to power her home well into the evening and usually right through to the next morning. This meant she was able to go weeks without drawing much electricity from the grid at all and, with her feed-in credits on top of this, was receiving $0 electricity bills! 

Check out Emma’s summer battery update below.


What to expect from your solar battery in winter

Here in Melbourne, the days are much shorter during winter. With less sun around, Emma’s solar panels have been generating less electricity during the day which means there’s less excess solar power available to charge her battery. 

As a result, her battery has been getting her through the early evening peak and then her home switches to grid energy. When the sun rises again the next day, her panels begin generating electricity again.


What does this mean for me?

It’s Spring now and Emma’s battery is already lasting longer into the night. 

If you live further up north, the difference you’ll experience between summer and winter will be less pronounced than Emma’s experience in Melbourne. But whether you’re experiencing this in Melbourne or up in sunny Queensland, don’t worry. It’s normal to see these fluctuations between the seasons. 

The key is to remember that, with the addition of your solar battery, you’re maximising your use of solar power all year round. 

Whether you added a battery to your system or not, your solar panels would be performing the same way in the different seasons. The difference is that now you’re storing your excess solar energy (however much is available) and using it in your home rather than exporting it. That’s the power of batteries. 

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