What is solar power?

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What is solar power - Solar irradiance on to solar panel

Solar power is electricity that has been converted from sunlight, which means it’s a renewable energy resource. There are two ways to create solar power: solar photovoltaic (e.g. solar panels) or solar thermal (e.g. solar hot water).

Solar panels are the most commonly used on Australian homes, so let’s talk about how they work.

The solar panel captures sunlight and converts it to DC (direct current) power. The electricity we use in our homes is AC (alternating current) power though, so a solar inverter then converts the DC power into AC power to be used in your home or exported to the electricity grid for others to use. 

Over 2 million Australian households now have solar panels on their roof and are producing their own renewable, solar energy. This number is growing and is expected to reach 4 million by 2030! 


Want to switch to a company that supports renewable energy?

More people are installing solar panels than ever before, and almost 90% of Australians want more investment in renewable energy. At DC Power Co, our vision is an Australia powered by renewables. 

DC Power Co is made for solar households, and we offer a suite of services to help our customers get more out of their solar system. From connection to the grid to letting you if your solar system ever stops working, we’re with you every step of your solar journey.

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