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What is a smart meter?

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Smart meters differ from basic meters in that they digitally measure when and how much energy you’re using in your home. 

This means your energy consumption can be read remotely and with greater accuracy than that of a basic meter. It also means you don’t need to have a meter reader come out to your property to manually read your meter, and you can say goodbye to estimated energy bills once and for all.  

The two-way communication abilities of smart meters also mean they can be used to do other things remotely, like disconnecting the electricity supply to a property without the need of a field technician or to notify your electricity distributor if the power goes out. 


What can a smart meter do for me?

Not only will you no longer have a stranger poking around your yard once a quarter, but a smart meter can help you take control of your energy bill. 

How? Your smart meter can give you access to really detailed information about how and when energy is being used in your home, which means you can understand and adjust your energy usage in order to save. 

To access this data in an easily-digestible way, see if your power company offers any energy tracking tools or insights services for customers with smart meters. 

At DC Power Co, having a smart meter is what enables us to provide you with our DC services like the DC Brief and Solar Alert. And now, we’ve teamed up with Powershop to offer an exciting new energy offer called DC Power Plus, so you can get our great service along with 100% carbon offset energy by Powershop.


Experience the DC service for yourself

If you’re already a customer but don’t have a smart meter yet, simply fill out this form on the Powershop website to have one installed at your property free of charge*.

Not a customer yet? Join the DC Power Plus energy plan to get a Solar Alert to let you know anytime your solar exports look unusually low, personalized advice to help you maximise your solar savings and access to our great solar panel and battery offers. 

View the DC Power Plus energy plan


*Powershop does not charge for the meter or its installation at your property except in cases where any additional onsite work is required to install the meter, in which case Powershop will levy a fee of no more than $100. Some examples of additional onsite work are minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations.

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