What is a renewable resource?

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What is a renewable resource? - DC Power Co

A renewable resource is a naturally replenishing energy resource – it won’t run out. This includes sunlight (solar), wind, water (hydro) and heat from the Earth (geothermal). 


Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy uses the natural heat from the ground, which can be used to create electricity and heating. Many countries get a lot of their energy from geothermal sources, although it’s not as widely used in Australia. 


Wind energy

Wind power is one of the most widespread forms of renewable energy, with wind power meeting almost 6% of global energy demand. To produce wind energy, wind turbines are used to spin a generator that produces electricity.



Hydropower has been around for thousands of years, and involves the conversion of flowing water into electricity. Just like a wind turbine uses wind to spin an electricity generator, hydropower uses the movement of flowing water to drive a generator to produce electricity. 


Solar energy

Solar electricity is produced when sunlight is converted into electricity. This is the most common form of renewable energy in homes, with over 4 million Australian households predicted to have solar panels on the roof by 2030.


The one-stop-shop for home renewables

More Australians than ever before are investing in home renewables – usually solar panels and a battery. 

DC Power Co is made for solar households, and we offer a suite of services to help our customers get more out of their solar system. We know solar is a big investment, so we want to help you get the most out of it.

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