What causes blackouts?

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What causes blackouts? Weather, electricity spikes, emergencies, maintenance, human error. DC Power Co offers blackout protection.

A blackout, also known as a power outage, can hit at any time. They often occur during extreme heat or severe storms however weather isn’t the only thing that can cause a blackout. Animals and even humans, whether accidentally or deliberately, can also cause blackouts. So let’s take a look at some of the most common causes.



Weather is probably the most well-known cause of blackouts. Severe storms and high winds can damage power lines while extreme heat leads to increased electricity use which can result in power outages. 


Electricity spikes

Sudden increases or dips in electricity supply (such as those spikes we experience on hot days) can trip circuits. This is true on a large scale across the electricity grid however it’s also true at the individual household level. So if the switchboard in your house ever trips, turn all your appliances off at the wall before switching it back on.



Often a result of extreme weather, natural disasters such as flooding and bushfires can damage electricity poles and wires causing blackouts. However in the event of a bushfire or other emergency, electricity is often deliberately disconnected too for safety reasons.



Electricity isn’t just disconnected for emergencies. From time to time there might also be planned outages in your area to allow for maintenance on the electricity poles and wires.


Human error & wildlife

Faulty equipment, human error and even car accidents can damage the electricity poles and wires. So too can wildlife interfering with the equipment.


Get blackout protection with a solar battery

The reality is there’s nothing you can do to stop blackouts from occurring. However you can protect yourself and your family from them.

Many solar batteries come with blackout protection, which means you can keep some or all of your power on during a blackout. This will give you security and comfort when everyone else is in the dark.

So we designed the Sungrow Battery Package, a battery package that’s compatible with any existing solar system. A reliable brand, quality products, and blackout protection, all for under $7000.

Don’t have solar panels yet? Check out our solar and battery package which is designed for people adding solar and a battery at the same time. It combines world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers. Find out more here. 

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