What are the benefits of solar panels?

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Over the past decade, the uptake of rooftop solar across Australia has skyrocketed because of the numerous benefits of solar panels. These stretch beyond just the financial benefits we all know though, so we’ve picked the top five to unpack.


Boost your energy independence

With solar panels, you’ll be generating your own free solar power. This means you can run your home on your solar electricity during the day and use less electricity from your power company. Get a battery with your solar panels, and you’ll be able to store your solar power to use in the evening too. So you can boost your energy independence even more!


Reduce your energy bills

By using solar power in your home, you’ll reduce the amount of electricity you have to buy from your power company and that results in savings on your energy bill. If you get a solar battery too, you’ll be able to run your home on free solar power day and night for even greater savings on your bill. 

You’ll also be paid a feed-in tariff for any excess solar power you sell back to the energy grid, although that’s likely to be less than the amount you pay for electricity. So using more solar power in your home with a battery is the best way to go when it comes to saving on your bill.


Do your bit for the environment

Using your own clean solar power is one of the best ways to ensure you’re using clean energy in your home. 

This is because, whether your energy plan is carbon offset or not, the electricity we buy from our power companies all comes from the same central pool. Therefore it’s impossible to separate out the electricity that comes from renewable resources and that which comes from fossil fuel generation. So if you want to use renewable energy in your home, solar is the way to go! 


Solar panels are low maintenance

One of the great things about solar panels is that you don’t need to control them. Once they’re connected, they just work! Depending on where you live and the amount of dust in the air, your panels may need a wash once a year or so. But apart from that, they’re extremely low maintenance.


Solar panels can boost the value of your home

Not only can solar panels reduce the running costs of your home, but they can actually add to the value of your property when it comes time to sell! In fact 85% of Australians say solar panels add value to a property.


Ready to go solar?

If you’re getting solar panels installed, now is the most cost effective time to think about a solar battery too. For example, our mid-sized solar and battery package (including installation) could pay for itself in around 7 years*.

Designed specifically for households adding solar panels and a battery at the same time, the DC Power Co solar and battery package brings world-leading, tier 1 solar panels together with an Australian-designed battery solution in one streamlined, cost-effective package.

The package comes in a range of sizes depending on your energy needs, household set-up and budget. Plus there are financing options available so you can start saving with your solar and battery system now, and pay it off over time.


View the solar and battery package


If you already have solar, but want to add a battery, check out our solar battery package.


*This scenario is the 6.6kW system and a mid sized battery (7kWh). Assuming typical generation in Victoria and assuming battery gets cycled 90% of the time at 90% depth, solar savings are estimated at $1,734 ($0.20 average value of the solar generated, which could be 10c FiT and 30c usage rate at 50/50% as an example). Battery savings would be an additional $440 per annum, for total savings of $2,174.

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