Victoria’s solar rebates exhausted after three days

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This month, the Victorian Government launched its Solar Homes program providing support for households installing solar and batteries. Between 2019-20, the Government will release 42,000 solar panel rebates (40,000 for owner-occupiers and 2000 for renters), 1000 solar battery rebates and 6000 solar hot water rebates.

The catch? You’ve got to get in quick. 

The Government is releasing the rebates in small batches each month. For this month of July, 3333 solar panel rebates were made available and already, just four days into July, every single rebate has been taken. 

The State Government’s solar rebate program is a huge step in the right direction. Its long-term target is to deliver solar panels to 650,000 homes over the next decade. But it looks like they may need to aim a little higher if current demand is anything to go by – experts predict there will be 4 million solar homes across Australia by 2030


Battery rebates still available

While the Victorian Government’s July solar rebates are full, there are still battery rebates of up to $4838 available to households in certain ‘growth suburbs’.

Like solar panels ten years ago, the uptake of batteries is expected to explode in the next decade as the technology is refined and government support helps drive down costs. 

With storage, solar homes could increase their use of solar power from 25% without a battery, to 80% with a battery. This means for many homes, the dream of a zero dollar electricity bill might finally become a reality. 

To be eligible for a battery rebate, your house must be located in one of the eligible suburbs, you must have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum, your house must be valued at under $3 million, and you can’t have accessed a solar rebate previously. Please visit the Solar Victoria website to view the full list of eligibility criteria.

And if the uptake of the solar panel rebate is anything to go by, you’d better get your application for a battery rebate in quickly!


Ready to go solar?

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