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Can I sign up to DC Power Plus without a smart meter?

Yes, as long as you have solar, and are in our serviceable areas, you can sign up to DC Power Plus. However, to get the […]

What is the Solar Alert?

If you’re a DC Power Plus customer, and your solar system ever stops exporting electricity to the grid, we’ll let you know as soon as […]

Can solar customers with basic meters enter their own feed-in readings?

Yes. Customers with basic meters can enter their own feed-in readings and, if you do, we’ll issue your solar rebate as a power credit as […]

What is the difference between net and gross solar metering?

Net metering allows you to use the electricity generated by your solar system in your household first, before exporting excess generation to the grid (and […]

How and when do DC Power Plus customers receive feed-in credits?

The total value of your solar export will appear as a power credit in your account once a month at the time of billing. Once […]

Are solar credits refundable?

As long as we have a verified read from your meter, you can request a refund for the credit in your account from solar generation. […]