Prices and rates

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Your questions answered: changes to your rates

Why have underlying electricity costs increased? There are lots of factors that have caused underlying electricity costs to increase, including generator outages, extended periods of […]

What was the Savings Guarantee?

Here at DC Power Co, we’re so confident in the suite of services that we deliver for solar households that we backed them with a […]

What is the DC Fee?

Unlike other companies, we don’t make money by selling you more energy. Instead, we offer our customers cost price power, which means you pay what […]

What makes up my power price?

It takes more than just us here at DC Power Co to get power to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible […]

Do you have different plans?

Here at DC Power Co, we don’t provide any confusing plans or lock-in contracts. Instead, we keep our energy offer simple. We have just one […]

What is my daily supply charge?

Your daily supply charge is a fixed daily amount that is charged as part of the metering and distribution services provided by the distribution company […]

Why do my prices change?

Power prices are not static. From time to time, everyone involved in the electricity supply chain reviews their costs and decides what to charge. Because […]

Information on my tariff

All times below are in 24-hour format and local time applied.   Single rate: consists of a daily supply charge and per kWh energy rate […]

Information on my demand tariff

When do my demand charges apply?   Summer demand charge (1 Dec to 31 Mar): Based on monthly maximum demand usage from 3pm to 9pm […]

Why are power prices different for different people?

The cost of your power will differ depending on where you live, how much you use and when you use it, your metering set-up and […]

Will I be charged for additional services?

No. We provide our customers free access to solar insights and checkups. If you decide to purchase products through us (such as solar panels or […]

How do you work out my rates?

Your rates are made up of a daily fixed charge and a charge for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of power you use. Unlike most power […]