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Do I get a single bill if I have my power and gas with DC Power Co?

No, because gas is billed every two months and power is billed monthly. However, you can manage your gas and power accounts in our app […]

How do I know when payment will be taken from my credit card or bank account?

If we need to take payment following your account review, the money will be debited from your preferred payment method 13 days after we send […]

Can I move my payment date?

Yes, you can change the date of a scheduled payment, which is a payment on your account triggered by us. If the date of this […]

How can I pay?

There are a few ways you can pay: By credit card — we accept Visa and Mastercard, and we don’t charge any credit card fees. […]

Can I set up a regular payment for my power?

Yes, you can set up an automatic payment using BPAY. You can find our BPAY details on your Account Review and here.

I have more than one property. Can I pay separately for each one?

Yes. If you’d prefer to make separate payments for different properties, please let us know by calling us on 1800 686 686.

Why have you taken $1 from my bank account?

If you set up a direct debit on your DC Power Co account, we’ll take $1 to make sure the bank account details we have […]

What is my preferred payment method and can I change it?

You can nominate either a direct debit or credit card as your preferred payment method. We’ll then use this payment method when an auto-payment is […]

Will I be charged extra if I pay by credit card?

No, we don’t charge credit card transaction fees.

Why can’t I pay my account when I have less than $1 owing?

We don’t process payments of less than $1. If your account has less than $1 owing we ask that you pay this amount as part […]