Making the switch

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Does DC Power Co have a friend referral program?

If you love DC Power Co, please tell your friends! If you’re not having such a great experience, please let us know. We’d really like […]

What if I change my mind after signing up?

At DC Power Co, we believe our customers should always have a choice. We don’t lock you into a contract or charge exit fees if […]

Why do I have to add credit card or direct debit details when I join?

To ensure we can automatically top up your account if you forget, we need to set up a preferred default payment method of either a […]

Will my power be cut off when I switch?

No, switching to DC Power Co just involves the transfer of information. We won’t be touching any equipment affecting your supply. The only instance in […]

Does it cost anything to switch to DC Power Co?

Not unless your property requires substantial work, an after-hours or same day re-connection, or a new meter installation (special fees do apply in these situations […]

How do I switch?

You can switch to DC Power Co online in less than five minutes or give us a call on 1800 686 686.

What if I need a continuous supply of power?

Unfortunately no power company can guarantee a continuous supply of power. However, if you or anyone else at your property relies on a continuous power […]

I’ve been disconnected. Can I switch?

If you’ve been disconnected or there’s no power supply to your house, you can switch to DC Power Co. We’ll arrange for your power to […]

Is DC Power Co available in my area?

We currently offer power plans in New South Wales, South East Queensland and Victoria, but we can help anyone in Australia get solar or a […]