Know your meter

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How do I get a smart meter?

We can organise the installation of a smart meter for our customers. To do so, please get in touch on 1800 686 686.

How often will my meter be read?

That depends. If you have a smart meter we obtain your meter readings daily from your distribution company. We receive 48 half-hourly readings once each […]

Do I have to read my own meter or will DC Power Co read it for me?

If you have a smart meter your meter will send us half-hourly readings, once a day, so you shouldn’t need to read your meter at […]

Where is my electricity meter?

First up, please remember to be safe when looking at your meter. Make sure that you can reach it safely. If there are any loose […]

How do I read my meter?

Safety first! Do not touch any part of your meter. Digital meter: You read a digital meter from left to right. This means that the […]

How do I enter a meter reading?

If you have a smart meter, your meter will send us your reading automatically. If your meter isn’t smart you can enter your own meter […]

How do I know if I have a smart meter?

The easiest way to tell if your meter is smart is to log in to your DC Power Co account and look at your daily […]

Why aren’t my meter readings showing in my DC Power Co account?

There might be a couple of reasons for this. If you don’t have a smart meter —you’ll need to enter your meter readings manually in […]

I think my meter is broken. What should I do?

First thing’s first, keep yourself and others away from any live wires. If it’s safe to do so, shut off the main switch. Call us […]

I don’t think my meter is recording my usage accurately. What should I do?

Call us on 1800 686 686 and we’ll help you troubleshoot any issues with your meter.  If necessary, we’ll put you in touch with your […]

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters differ from current ‘basic’ meters by being able to measure consumption accurately across very small time periods (down to half hours) in the […]