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How did you determine the right size battery package for me?

When it comes to solar batteries, many people assume bigger is better. However our solar experts analysed the energy usage of 1500 of our electricity […]

How do you estimate how much more solar power I could consume with a battery?

Did you know the average solar household could boost their use of solar power from around 25% to 80% or more with a solar battery? […]

Why should I use more solar energy at home?

The harsh reality is energy prices have been on the rise and solar feed-in tariffs are likely to drop over the next few years. This […]

How did you estimate how far my solar savings could take me in an electric car?

It’s hard to know exactly how much value your solar system is delivering, so we thought we’d give it to you in kilometres! From looking […]

How did you estimate the sunshine that fell in my area?

This reflects the amount of sun that fell on your area, based upon available weather information.  We take into account the weather (ie. overcast weather […]

How did you estimate how much more my solar system could save me?

Most of us could be more efficient in how we use our solar energy, so we really maximise it in our home and therefore save […]

How did you estimate how much I consumed last year?

To understand the savings your solar system has delivered, you need to know how much of your solar energy you have consumed within your home.  […]

How did you estimate how much money my solar system saved me?

If you’re like most people, you don’t have expensive monitoring equipment or check your inverter regularly. This means you use your bill to see your […]

DC Pro term definitions

Solar export value in dollars We’ve taken the energy you exported in kWh (sourced from your energy company) and multiplied it by the regulated, recommended, […]

How much is a lump of coal and why should I care?

Getting your head around what your CO2 emissions are can be difficult. To give you a sense of scale, we’ve equated the emissions you’ve saved […]