COVID-19 update: Solar and battery sales continue

Getting a battery

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Can I get the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package installed by my preferred installer? Absolutely. You can go with our installation partner Service Stream […]

Deposit and payment

Does that price include everything? The price includes all the main components of the battery system as well as delivery to your door, however it […]

General solar battery information

What is a solar battery? A battery stores excess solar energy from your solar system in a battery for use later in the day when […]

Connecting to a virtual power plant

What is a virtual power plant? VPP stands for virtual power plant, which is a broad term that refers to the ability to enrol the […]


Who do I call if my battery stops working? We recommend you call Sungrow directly or the installer that installed the system in your home. […]

App and monitoring

  Do I need to have wireless internet? Yes. You need wireless internet at home. We also recommend that you check the strength of your […]

About the products

What’s involved in getting the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package? Secure your order with a $250 deposit online today. We submit your routine grid […]


What’s the warranty period on the hybrid inverter? The hybrid inverter comes with a 10 year parts and labour warranty. What’s the warranty period on […]

Feed-in tariff

Will my feed-in tariff change after the battery is fitted? If you have a standard feed-in tariff, adding a battery will not impact it at […]