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What to do when your old power company comes crawling back

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Welcome to DC Power Co! We’re thrilled to have you on board, although chances are your old power company isn’t so thrilled you’re leaving them.

They’re going to call and email you (if they haven’t already) and say whatever they can to convince you not to switch. In fact, they can be quite aggressive.

When this happens, please don’t worry. We’ve pulled together some responses you can give them.

Of course, if you have any other concerns, you can get in touch at [email protected] or 1800 686 686.

Please note, the below scenarios are theoretical only.

They may offer you a huge discount

Old power company: ‘We’re sorry to hear you’re leaving. Here’s a huge discount to stay with us.’

You: ‘You’re offering me 40% off the price of electricity? That means I’ve been paying 40% more than I needed to the whole time I’ve been with your company! Why didn’t you offer me this discount before?’

Old power company: ‘… I guess we don’t look after our loyal customers?’

You: ‘Spot on, that’s just one of the reasons I’m switching!’

Your old power company may offer you discounts on your electricity rates. They may even offer you a higher feed-in tariff, or incentives like point systems.

What they won’t tell you though, is that most of these tricky deals apply for a limited time only. After a few months, a year if you’re lucky, they might put you straight back on your old rates.

If someone asks ‘Why wouldn’t you take the discount?’ or ‘How could you afford not to?’, remember you’re the one making the smart decision here.


They may try scare tactics

Old power company: ‘You’re on a premium feed-in tariff. If you switch power companies you’ll lose this FiT.’

You: ‘That’s not true. I can take my premium feed-in tariff with me no matter which power company I go with. I’ve decided to take my business to DC Power Co.’

Old power company: ‘Do you really want to go through the hassle of switching over your power? How do you know this new company can offer you a reliable electricity supply from day one?’

You: ‘Nonsense. DC Power Co will take care of the switch themselves. There’s nothing else I need to do and they’re going to let me know once my transfer away from your company is complete. Easy!’

If your old power company makes you think it might not be possible to switch to DC Power Co, please give us a call.

It’s likely that they’re simply trying to scare you. We’re available 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday on 1800 686 686 or at [email protected].


When they get desperate, they may try badmouthing DC Power Co

Old power company: ‘Why would you join a new company with no track record in the industry? What if their service is poor or their bills don’t arrive on time? They don’t know what they’re doing.’

You: ‘Actually DC Power Co, is a solar-focused company and it’s owned by its customers (me!). They know what they’re doing and they’ve built a brand new company with solar people like me in mind. I’m joining them to help make it even better. Together we’ll be working on our bills and developing great services, so thank you for your concern but I’m very happy with my decision to switch.’

Let your old company know exactly why you’ve switched! Here at DC Power Co we’re building a new kind of company, a company of the future, and we’re doing it together.


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