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Paul and Sheryl - Customers

In late 2018, we launched our first electricity offer called DC Power Co Beta, exclusive to our investors and a small group of our first customers.

The three-month test program was established to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible service for people with solar. And we’ve done that by designing our services with them.

If your solar system stops working, we’ll tell you

We debuted our solar alert service during the beta program and let 26 people know that their solar system wasn’t exporting electricity. Our beta customers told us their preference is to get these alerts via SMS, so moving forward we’ll be sending our customers texts if their solar systems ever stop working.

We were particularly thrilled to hear back from one customer who received the alert and got an installer out to repair his inverter. The installer was really impressed and actually said, “Wow, I’ve never heard of a company that does that.”

Rates and tariffs – it’s complicated

Through discussions with our beta customers, we realised that a lot of people are concerned about rates. What they aren’t necessarily aware of, though, is that they may be paying too much because they’re on the wrong electricity tariff.

When you switch power companies you default to the same tariff you were on with your previous provider. We know that might not be the best option for you though and could actually lead to significantly higher electricity bills. In fact, some households could save as much as $200 per year just by being on a more suitable tariff.

That’s why, when you join DC Power Co, we’ll monitor how you use your electricity, and after around six months we’ll let you know if there is a better tariff for you.

Introducing the DC Brief 

Here at DC Power Co, we’re dedicated to making your solar work harder for you. We have an industry-leading app and online portal where you can track your usage and solar export, and, with the beta customers’ help, we’ve also developed a weekly insights email called the DC Brief.

Customers with smart meters* will get a free, weekly snapshot of their solar export and electricity usage. In one quick email, you’ll be able to see how much you spent on electricity last week and how much your solar saved you, so you’ll know what to expect come bill time.

Many of our beta customers asked to see their solar export and grid usage together in a graph, so we’re going to include this in the DC Brief. We’ve decided to show this information in terms of dollars, rather than kWh, because our beta customers told us they prefer to see information that way.

They also told us they’d like to be able to compare their own electricity usage and solar export to other households in their neighbourhood, and we’ve popped that on our roadmap of new features.

The DC Brief will be launched at the same time as our public electricity offer on 14 February.

*The DC Brief is available weekly to customers with smart meters. If you don’t have a smart meter, you’ll still receive the email but its frequency will depend on how often your meter is read.

What else are we working on?

Not only does our app show you your electricity usage and solar export, but it also forecasts upcoming bills so you know what to expect come bill time. This forecast doesn’t incorporate our solar customers’ export credit yet, which is something our beta customers told us they’d really like to be able to see.

It’s a big project, but is something we really look forward to introducing down the track. We’ll also be adding our feed-in tariff to the rates section of the app, as requested.  

Beyond the app, we’re improving our bill to give you more transparency on what you spend, and how much your solar is saving you. We’ve been thrilled to receive some really positive feedback from customers on our current bills, so they’re only going to get better!

We’ve loved hearing from you

Over three exciting months, our beta customers became the very first people to experience the DC Power Co electricity offer. They tried our services and participated in the community, hearing from experts, weighing in on surveys, holding discussions, and genuinely helping us shape our offers and services.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined DC Power Co so far. Together, we laid the foundation for the future of DC Power Co. Together, we’re building the company of the future.

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