Take back the power: Crowdfunding for change

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CSF2 - DC Power Co

From banks to fashion chains and indeed energy companies, consumers are increasingly demanding more accountability and transparency from the businesses they buy from. 

Crowdfunding, which is still just less than two years young in Australia, is a way for them to take the power back and own these brands themselves.


As regular Australians, we can all own our piece

Also known as equity crowdsourced funding or CSF, crowdfunding allows everyday people to invest in companies that they believe in for as little as $50. You no longer need to be a venture capitalist to get a foot in the door.

The model of funding aligns perfectly with businesses like DC Power Co – businesses that are trying to do something different and trying to democratise their industries. 

Consumer trust in the energy industry hit an all time low last year and we’re trying to do something about it. Our customers have the opportunity to buy shares in DC Power Co through crowdfunding, giving them a real say in how we run the business through a seat on the board. 

It’s not just about ownership, it’s about getting our customers and investors to help us test new products and services and to figure out what really works for them. This will help steer our future in the right direction, and ensure that we create a company that stays true to its mission.

And because of these opportunities and our customer-centric services, we’ve been rewarded with the highest published customer satisfaction rating in the energy industry.


Investing in positive change

We know we’re not the only ones who want to create an Australia powered by renewable energy. There’s a whole generation of young people taking to the streets to tell the adults they care, and nearly 90% of Australians support more renewable energy

It’s time to act but to really make a difference, we need to band together to make our voices heard. That’s where crowdfunding comes in. 


Invest in the company that’s fighting for solar households

At DC Power Co, we’re taking on the big energy companies with a renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels. In mid-2019, we asked everyday Australians to join us and say no to a future powered by coal and yes to a future powered by home solar. Together we raised over $1.6 million.

Find out more about DC Power Co’s second crowdfunding raise

We aim to unlock the collective power of Australian households by helping them get solar batteries, lowering their power bills and taking back control.

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