DC Sunny Saver

How our Sungrow battery outperforms others

When you’re looking at investing in a solar battery, performance is critical. But how can you know whether manufacturing claims, or even retailer claims, are […]

Can I go off-grid with DC’s battery package?

While not designed for large off-grid application, the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is suitable for small off-grid installations. The Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SH5K-30) […]

Bob DC Power Co

DC Power Co treat me as more than a number: Bob’s story

When Bob from Victoria decided to get a solar battery, he knew exactly who to turn to.  He already enjoyed a suite of solar services […]

How much space does the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package take up?

Does the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package take up much space?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is our compact, streamlined solar battery option that can be installed outdoors (out of direct sunlight) or indoors in a […]

Blackout checklist: Know what to do when the power goes out

Blackout checklist: Know what to do when the power goes out

Blackouts are now a reality in Australia, with extreme weather and heat putting increased strain on the electricity grid.  The important thing to remember is […]

Scott's solar battery story

Why I got a solar battery: Scott’s story

When it comes to getting a solar battery, Scott will tell you “there’s almost no reason not to do it.” Why? For Scott, a big […]


What to look for in a solar battery: Hazel’s story

If you’ve got a solar system, chances are you might have thought about getting a solar battery. They’re growing in popularity by the year, in […]

Infographic: How does blackout protection work?

How does blackout protection work?

Have you ever wondered how a solar battery works when the power goes out? It’s called blackout protection and it is a really valuable feature. […]

DC Power Co Solar Battery Package + install

Battery installation your way. And it won’t break the bank

We want our customers to have a choice over who installs their solar battery, but we also know convenience is key. So we’re teaming up […]

How much does it cost to get a solar battery installed?

Thinking about a solar battery but not sure how much the installation will cost? As a rough estimate, the cost of battery installation is usually […]

Infographic: how long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout

How long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout?

If the power goes out, because of extreme heat, fire or wild weather, there’s not usually much you can do about it. But if you’ve […]

How much do batteries cost infographic

How much do solar batteries cost?

The cost of solar batteries has been decreasing for a few years now, fuelled by the rise in electric vehicles, government rebates and increased demand […]

Ian Walker talking about his DC Sunny Saver battery package

Powering through blackouts: Ian’s solar battery story

For Ian Walker, the choice between a diesel generator and a solar battery was a no brainer.  Living in regional Victoria, Ian noticed the increasing […]