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Understanding Solar FiTs

If you’re on a premium FiT (above 30 cents), you should focus on exporting as much energy as possible. You can do this by using your appliances in the evening rather than during the day. You’re being paid well for the energy you export so the more you send to the grid, the more credit you’ll receive!

Premium FiT = export solar during the day, use appliances in the evening


If you’re on a standard FiT (less than 30 cents), you should focus on increasing your own consumption. By using more of your own energy, you’ll decrease the amount you have to buy back from the grid. For example, try and use your appliances (such as your washing machine and dishwasher) during the day when your solar system is producing energy, rather than in the evening when you have to pay for energy from the grid.

Standard FiT = use appliances during the day, minimise grid usage in the evening


Don’t know your FiT?

No worries! You should be able to see your FiT on your power bill, so look for a section headed solar feed-in credit or something similar. That’s where you’ll find your feed-in tariff rate.

As a general rule, if your FiT is above 30 cents you’re on a premium FiT. If it’s below 30 cents, you’re on a standard FiT.