1 Star

You could be getting a lot more from your solar*

See our tips below to potentially increase your system’s performance.


*Note, the Checkup is based on your export to the grid. So, if you use a lot of your solar power in the home, you may have got a 1-star rating when you should have got 3! If that sounds like you, check out our tips for 3-star systems.


1. Is your inverter working?

The inverter is the most critical part of your solar system and is the most likely to stop working within the first 10 years of your solar installation. So if your system is underperforming, it might be due to a fault with the inverter.

Have you noticed an error code on the display? If so, contact your solar installer to get it fixed or replaced. If you don’t have their details, you can find a Clean Energy Council Accredited installer here. The good news is that most inverters come with a 5+ year warranty!

2. Are your solar panels being shaded?

Check your panels in the morning and again in the evening to make sure they’re not being shaded. Just 5% shading can result in more than a 50% reduction in system performance.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid shading issues, however, if you find that your panels are shaded by nearby trees, it might be worth cutting them back. Make sure you don’t cut your neighbour’s trees without their permission though!

If you find that your solar panels are being shaded by power lines or nearby buildings, you could consider contacting an accredited solar installer to see if you can move the panels into full sun.

3. Speak to an accredited solar expert

If your inverter is working and your solar panels aren’t in shade, it could be worth getting your solar system checked by a professional. It could also be that your system is undersized for your energy needs.

EcoKleenSolar is a nationwide network of Solar Care Professionals offering an independent inspection, cleaning and reporting service.

They’re not accredited installers (so their price tag isn’t quite so hefty!) however all operators are certified to work safely at heights, have current Police checks, public liability insurance, follow strict safe working protocols, and know exactly what to look for when inspecting your solar system.

To book or learn more, contact EcoKleenSolar today on 1300 787 061 and quote the promo code DCP5 to get a 5% discount.

Alternatively, you could look for an accredited solar installer to service your system. For a list of local installers, visit the Clean Energy Council’s accredited installer guide.