Solar myths busted: Myth #2, solar panels are bad for the environment

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When it comes to residential solar power, Australia is a world leader. We have the highest uptake of solar globally, with over 21% of households equipped with solar panels on the roof. 

That’s over 2.3 million rooftop solar systems now generating clean solar power, so the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. However there are still a few solar panel myths that are ripe to be busted. So we’ve chosen the top three to debunk once and for all. 

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Myth #2: Solar panels can’t be recycled and are bad for the environment 

Fact: Solar panels are recyclable and there are already processes in place to recycle them

With so many solar panels installed in Australia over the last decade, these processes will need to be scaled up moving forward and we strongly support government schemes to help speed this up. However solar panels have a lifespan of 20-30 years, so there’s ample time to reach that scale. 

Compare the impact of solar panels on the environment to fossil fuels, for example: the carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal alone is the biggest single source of global temperature increase. The more solar power that’s going into the energy grid (whether from households or large-scale solar farms) and the less coal we need, the better. 

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