Solar myths busted: Myth #1, solar panels are too expensive

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When it comes to residential solar power, Australia is a world leader. We have the highest uptake of solar globally, with over 21% of households equipped with solar panels on the roof. 

That’s over 2.3 million rooftop solar systems now generating clean solar power, so the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. However there are still a few solar panel myths that are ripe to be busted. So we’ve chosen the top three to debunk once and for all. 


Myth #1: Solar panels are too expensive and aren’t cost effective

Fact: The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly over the last decade

Spurred on by an increase in consumer demand and competition, government rebates and decreases in manufacturing costs, the price of a solar system fully installed now starts at around $3500. 

With an average payback time of 3-5 years depending on where you live, and a lifespan of 20-30 years, your solar system could pay for itself six times over! Now that’s a pretty outstanding return on investment. 

Of course we always recommend doing your due diligence on solar suppliers – if prices seem too low and something seems too good to be true, ask around for advice. It’s not worth sacrificing quality for a low price.

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