Solar battery myths busted: Myth #3, batteries are really expensive

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Video: Solar battery myths busted

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Myth #3: Batteries are really expensive

Fact: Solar batteries don’t have to break the bank

Greater demand for batteries means more competition and improving price points. Gone are the days when a $30,000 price tag was your only available option. Modular battery packages with powerful features such as blackout protection and advanced monitoring are now increasingly accessible to the average consumer, and financing options are available.


A battery package for less than $7000

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is our powerful yet simple and affordable battery package that’s compatible with any existing solar system. Starting at just $6750 plus installation, it’s a modular battery package that comes with great warranties and blackout protection included at no extra cost.

View the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package


Don’t have solar panels yet? Our solar and battery package is designed for people adding solar and a battery at the same time. It combines world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers. Find out more here. 

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