Your top 7 solar and battery package questions answered

1. I already have solar. Can I just get the Redback battery?

You can, however this system is designed to have solar panels connected directly into the hybrid system. This means it would need to replace your existing inverter and may require extra work by your installer which would cost more.

We recommend you consider our other solar battery package which is designed to be installed alongside existing solar systems. But if you’ve got your heart set on the Redback, we’re happy to provide a quote for you. Just get in touch with us at [email protected].

2. Can I upgrade my existing solar system and add the Redback battery?

Absolutely. We’ve packaged up several smaller solar panel systems with the Redback Smart Hybrid System. These are designed to sit alongside your existing solar system and both then work together to generate power and feed into your battery. With standard and premium panels available and three solar system size options, you can upgrade to your maximum solar potential. Learn more about your upgrade options here.

Redback three phase on house

3. Do you offer larger systems, like 3-phase or off-grid?

We offer 3-phase solar and battery systems (using high voltage batteries) which range in size from 9.6 to 28.4 kWh, which are only suitable for homes with three-phase power supply. Please let us know if you need a 3-phase system hereNot sure if you’re on 3-phase? Click here to find out.

We don’t offer off-grid solar and battery solutions as these systems are very complex and require bespoke design by an off-grid system specialist. If you’re looking to be permanently off-grid, we recommend contacting an accredited off-grid battery installer.

4. How much does it cost?

Our home systems range in cost from $11,850 to $19,950 fully installed, and are expected to pay themselves off in around 6-8 years. These suit the majority of Australian households which have single phase power. To get an understanding of the right system for you, get a free personalised system estimate here.

3-phase systems are usually bigger and more complex, for larger homes with higher energy needs (like a pool) or light commercial applications, so need custom quoting and will be more than single phase. Let us know if you’re after a 3-phase system here.

redbak single phase

5. What is the warranty on the Redback Smart Hybrid System?

The Pylontech batteries feature a 10 year warranty, with the Redback Smart Hybrid System having a 10 year warranty as well. Your solar panels warranty and technical warranty will be provided by your local installer, however standard panels usually come with a 5-10 year warranty while premium panels are usually 20-25 years.

6. Why a Redback and not a Tesla?

Solar batteries are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Tesla batteries are large and most people can actually maximise their solar energy use with a smaller battery than a Tesla Powerwall.

The Redback system comes in a range of sizes which means you can fit the right system for your needs and maximise the value you’re getting from it. It’s a great system that stacks up well against any international competitor. Plus, Redback is another Australian-based company, employing locally in Brisbane. We love working with and supporting local, Aussie companies.

Solar family

7. Is a solar and battery system safe?

When installed properly, solar and battery systems are very safe. All installers in our DC Power Co-Redback Installer Network are local, knowledgable and Clean Energy Council accredited installers who will ensure your solar and battery system is installed safely and in accordance with strict Australian standards.

Furthermore, the battery used in the Redback Smart Hybrid System is the Pylontech lithium-ion solar battery, which is universally considered to be the safest battery chemistry. These batteries have been rated #1 in the world for residential applications and come with a 10-year warranty. See how they performed in independent testing here.

Rooftop solar panels

8. Standard vs premium solar panels

Standard solar panels are good quality and great value for money. They use good quality materials and will deliver reliability and long-term performance, usually backed by 10-12 year product warranties.

Premium solar panels are more expensive than standard panels but are a step above when it comes to performance and durability. They’re backed by longer 20-25 year product warranties, perform better at higher temperatures and have a lower degradation rate than standard panels.

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