Start your personalised estimate

Everyone is different. You don’t want a “one size fits all” proposal or pushy sales calls when you’re investigating solar and battery storage.

So simply pick who sounds most like you, answer a few questions about your home and energy usage, and we’ll immediately share (online and via email) an easy to understand cost estimate and your expected estimated annual energy bill savings.

The independent

I would like to be as energy independent as possible. I’m willing to make a decent investment to achieve this, as long as it’s within budget.

The environmentalist

I want to do my bit for the environment. I’m willing to spend a little extra on upgrading my solar panels, so I can maximise the clean energy I use in my home.

The accountant

My motivation for getting solar is purely financial, I want to save money first and foremost. Show me the system with the best payback.

The rural property

I'm in the country and have a fairly hefty energy load, which means I have 3-phase power. This makes me a bit different to city folk, so I need to talk through my setup.

Available in New South Wales initially and rolled out to other states in the second half of 2020.