Introducing Redback Technologies

DC Power Co is excited to partner with Australia’s Redback Technologies to offer you comprehensive Battery, Solar and Installation solution.

Redback Technologies is a Brisbane-based, clean-tech company that manufacture and distribute smart solar storage solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their Redback Smart Hybrid System is a highly integrated solar and battery storage solution.

We interviewed the Redback team to learn more about them and their technology.

Who is Redback?

Founded in 2015 by renewable energy veterans, Redback’s management has over a century of experience in renewable energy generation, engineering, manufacturing, software development and energy market regulation.

Now, Redback is made up of 45 talented employees who share the same purpose – To enable every household and small businesses to be entirely powered by low-cost renewable energy all day, every day. With a focus on quality and efficiency, Redback’s streamlined solutions incorporate a hybrid inverter, power electronics, cloud system monitoring and related switchgear into all-in-one system design, allowing for a simple installation with reduced install costs.

Why did you start the company?

When the idea of Redback Technologies was born, rapid installation of solar PV on low voltage networks in Australia was apparent. The residential uptake of renewable energy began to transform the energy ecosystem. The founders of Redback Technologies recognised this as an uncontrollable risk for the low-voltage network and therefore represented an opportunity. This energy revolution that was unfolding needed new, affordable, and swiftly deployable solutions that are good for the network, environment, and our wallets.

Additionally, as a collective company vision, Redback saw this as an opening to support and encourage homeowners, and small business owners to switch on renewable energy today for a cleaner tomorrow. Decarbonisation needed to be achieved at a higher level to address the effects of climate change, and Redback wanted to meet this challenge to help create a sustainable future for our current and future generations.

Redback’s founders also recognised that the systems being installed were fragmented, and cobbled together, there wasn’t an all-in-one easy to deploy and install system that provided customers with the information they needed at their fingertips. Commonly and still seen to this day, solar power systems with battery storage can come in an array of different parts connected with disordered cables and cabinets. This setup is inconvenient and doesn’t look great. Redback set out with the aim to improve both the installers and customers experience with solar with battery storage.

Why do you think Australians should choose a Redback battery system?

Australian homeowners should choose a Redback’s Smart Hybrid Solution to avoid bill shock, take control of their household budgets and increase their level of self-sufficiency. To generate and consume their own renewable energy by doing their bit for the environment. And finally, to have peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

What sort of things do you find customers like and value about their Redback?

Our customers love that they’re able to back-up key appliances and lighting in blackouts, reduce the cost of their electricity bill, generate and consume their own renewable energy, and monitor their energy use from anywhere at any time with the MYRedback app. Check out our blog on one of our customers, Liz, who was able to power through a New South Wales Thunderstorm.

Feedback direct from Redback customers

“96% self-sufficiency for us at the moment and we had a power cut in the area today and was able to keep our power with backup. Winning!” – Redback customer, Phil Cartledge.

“Got mine! Absolutely great system, can’t fault it. Going on current performance compared with my old system will not have a power bill again.”– Redback customer, Alan Dow.

“Redback Technologies was an ideal option for me, being an all-in-one system, and being able to monitor my usage during the day, even when I’m outside of the home…a really good system, very easy to use, and now I’m getting free electricity. Superb.” – Redback Customer, Mark Crowstrom.

“It has made such a difference. We virtually use nothing on the grid, so it has been well worth it. We chose Redback because it was smaller, it was compatible, and it was a really good package. We have received our bill this week, and we are $74.75 in credit!” – Redback Customer, Wendy Leitchfield.

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