The Redback Smart Hybrid System

The Redback Smart Hybrid System is a highly integrated solar storage solution that will fit seamlessly into your garage or outside your home. Designed and tested in Australia, for Australian conditions, this system is already helping power thousands of Australian homes.

We’ve included more detail on this system, including features and specification sheet, on this page.

Features of the Redback Smart Hybrid System

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All-in-one, streamlined solution

The Redback Smart Hybrid System is pre-wired for easy installation and includes a 5 kW Hybrid Inverter and a Battery Enclosure which houses the selected battery size/s for your needs. The highly integrated solar and battery storage solution will fit seamlessly into your garage or outside your home. SH-5000 is the single phase system and ST-10000 is for three-phase.

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Pylontech Batteries

Rated #1 in the world for residential applications, the Pylontech lithium-ion solar batteries are neatly housed inside the Redback Technologies cabinet. Universally considered to be the safest battery chemistry, they're available in a 2.4kWh or 3.5kWh modules - which we've combined to create our small, medium and large packages. They come with a 10-year warranty.

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Sized to your needs

Only pay for the battery storage you actually need! The Battery Enclosure can house various combinations of Pylontech batteries, so you can choose from the small (4.8kWh), medium (7kWh) or large option (11.8 kWh). There's even a three phase option for large homes or light commercial applications.

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Warranties for peace of mind

The Pylontech batteries feature a 10 year warranty, with the Redback Smart Hybrid System having an extended 10 year warranty too. Your solar panels warranty and technical warranty will be provided by your local installer and are usually 5-10 years.


Designed and tested in Australia

To ensure our solar and battery storage solutions are suitable for our Australian conditions, Redback Technologies test them in Queensland, with permanent and long-term installtions. This ensures they can withstand the hot, moist and unforgiving tropical climate. They also have a call centre offering tehcnical support from Brisbane.

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Maintain power in a blackout

Never be left in the dark again. The Redback backup power feature allows near-instantaneous back-up power (10 milliseconds) to power lighting and key appliances when the unexpected occurs.* Enjoy peace of mind with an uninterrupted power supply, feel secure in your home and don't lift a finger to do it – the changeover is automatic!

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Power through extended outages

If the energy in your solar batteries is exhausted during a prolonged grid outage, the Redback Smart Hybrid System will re-start itself with the sun's energy captured by your solar panels. Once the power needs are met within your home, your solar batteries will recharge so you can keep the lights on when the sun goes down again. This is called Blackstart!**

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Insights for your solar

The MYRedback app puts the control in your hands. You can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, and your household energy consumption. (MYRedback applies to Android 7 and above and iOS 12.1 and above.)


Three phase for larger energy needs

Some homes have higher energy needs. Perhaps your home is particularly large,  you have elements like a pool or electric vehicle charging or you have a farm property. These properties are usually on three-phase power and there is a Redback system for them.

*When DC-coupled, backup circuit is connected and solar or battery energy is available. Appliances selected at the time of install.

**Smart Hybrid System requires PV panels to be installed and attached to Smart Hybrid Inverter.

Technical specifications

The Redback system is available in single phase or three phase. Its core components are the Redback Hybrid Inverter and the Pylontech battery, housed in the pre-wired battery enclosure.

The system is also virtual power plant ready (VPP) which means our package does allow for the ability to centrally charge/discharge the battery remotely. So while it’s not a requirement to be connected to a virtual power plant to purchase this system, it is VPP ready if at anytime you choose to do so.

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