Redback Smart Hybrid System Terms of Sale

Thank you for purchasing the Redback Smart Hybrid System from us at DCP Company Limited ABN 85 619 866 072 (trading as DC Power Co). The Redback Smart Hybrid System (Goods) includes the Redback Hybrid Inverter, Pylontech Battery, and Redback Battery Enclosure. The terms of the purchase are set out in these Terms of Sale and the accompanying documents referred to in these Terms. 

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. DC Power Co is bound by CEC Code of Conduct and will adhere to it at all times.

Unless agreed in writing with DC Power Co, the supply of Goods will be solely on the basis explained in these Terms of Sale.  


1.1. These Terms of Sale apply from the time you submit an Order to DC Power Co via the DC Power Co website. The Order constitutes your acceptance of the Estimate we have provided to you, subject to these Terms, and we will accept your Order into the approval process on payment of the required Deposit.

1.2. DC Power Co reserves the right prior to acceptance of an Order to make any corrections to prices quoted in an Estimate, on our website or in any other price estimate or correspondence we provide. We may update our products and pricing from time to time on our website. 

1.3. The Estimate we provide (and the final Quote) may include pricing for products other than the Goods, provided by third party providers we work with.  Those other products may include solar panels, the installation of solar panels and/or our Goods, and associated goods and services.  Pricing included within the Estimate and Quote for those other products is indicative only. Costs may change depending on your circumstances, and the contract arrangements you agree with the third party provider. 

1.4. The Order and the Goods do not cover installation of the Goods, supply or installation of solar panel products and any related items. We offer information and assistance as described in these Terms and on our website to help you organise the purchase of solar panels and installation of the full system through the Redback Partner Connect Program or by other means, but the purchase of solar panels and the installation is arranged by you with the installer, and at your cost and risk.  The installer must have current Clean Energy Council accreditation to install battery storage, and a current electrical licence. These are also conditions of claiming against your Warranty.


2.1. The full amount payable for the Goods will be the price of the Goods as shown on the final Quote we provide following the Service Qualification process described in clause 3, and will be shown on DC Power Co’s invoice(s).

2.2. Payment of the Deposit as shown on your Order must be made at the time of your Order using a payment system we make available.

2.3. Once DC Power Co has approved your Order (which will usually include getting confirmation from the installer that the installation of the Goods can proceed) and provided a final Quote which you have accepted, we will invoice you by email for the outstanding balance of the Order. Payment of the outstanding balance must be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice using a payment system we make available. If payment is not received by the due date, DC Power Co reserves the right to not supply the Goods or reprice the Goods.


3.1. Once you pay the Deposit, DC Power Co will organise the initial service qualification that assesses the availability of network connection for the connecting of the inverter and a battery, site suitability and other factors. When you submit your Order, you authorise DC Power Co to provide your details to our chosen installer to undertake this service qualification work, including seeking information on your behalf from your network provider. Please see our Privacy Policy on our website for more information about how we collect and use your personal information.

3.2. The installer will make a network connection application on behalf of the Purchaser to connect the Solar System and Battery System.

3.3. Should the pricing of the final Quote change considerably from the pricing in your initial Estimate following a site visit, or the service qualification process fail, for example if the site is unsuitable or if network connection approval is denied or would require additional documents or work by DC Power Co or a third party, then DC Power Co may cancel the Order.  If you would like to cancel your Order prior to accepting the final Quote because of changes in pricing from the Estimate, or other variations in system design not agreed to in writing, you may do so.  Where cancellation occurs under this clause 3.3, we will refund your Deposit. 

3.4. Should you accept the final Quote, DC Power Co will apply the Deposit as a reduction to the full purchase price of the Goods. If none of the circumstances in 3.3 apply, and you do not pay the full purchase price, the Deposit will not be refunded.

3.5. Completion of the Order is conditional upon payment of the Deposit and successful service qualification, and your acceptance of the final Quote. Once those conditions are met, we will fulfil the Order and you are required to pay the balance of the amount for the Goods.

3.6. The time specified for payment is of the essence.

3.7. DC Power Co does not take payment for solar panels, related items or installation. You are required to make these payments to the installer, on the terms you agree with them. 


4.1. Lead times for dispatch of Goods are for reference only and are subject to change.

4.2. DC Power Co organises delivery of the Goods to the installer, and the installer will deliver the Goods (as well as any other products you have ordered from them) to your nominated address on day of installation. 

4.3 The purchase of solar panels and the installation of the Goods, solar panels and associated items is arranged by you with the installer, and at your cost and risk. 

4.4 The installer is responsible for loss or damage of the Goods once in their possession, until delivery to you, at which point ownership and risk in the Goods passes to you.  


5.1 Applicable manufacturer’s Warranty terms are set out in warranty cards you will receive on delivery of the Goods per your Order. The Pylontech battery is covered by a standard 10 year Warranty from the manufacturer (Pylontech). The Hybrid Inverter comes with a standard 5 year Warranty. 

5.2 DC Power Co may from time to time include an extended warranty in addition to the standard warranty, or it may be available for purchase. DC Power Co will take this payment and arrange this with the supplier of the Redback Smart Hybrid Inverter, Redback Technologies Pty Ltd.  

5.3 The Warranty for your solar panels lies with the solar panel manufacturer, and the workmanship Warranty for the installation of the solar panels and the Goods lies with your installer. All installations are covered by a 5-year workmanship warranty.

5.4. Please read carefully the terms of your manufacturer’s Warranty for these Goods, which is enforceable only by the Purchaser. If you have any warranty issues or claims regarding the Goods, DC Power Co will assist with making the claim against the manufacturer and you can contact them via In the case of a suspected fault, you must first contact your original installer for inquiries and service. 

5.5. The Warranty for the Goods comes with important conditions, and may be voided or reduced in a range of circumstances including negligent use, accident, misuse or damage by you or a third party, failure to provide adequate installation and housing, normal wear and tear, or the use of the product for any purpose not intended by the manufacturer.

5.6. If you have a claim under these Terms of Sale against DC Power Co, you must notify DC Power Co in writing within:

5.6.1. one week of becoming aware, or when you should reasonably have become aware, of the basis for the claim, in relation to a claim that the Goods supplied do not accord with those ordered or if the Goods are damaged or defective; or

5.6.2. one week of receiving an invoice if there is a dispute regarding the invoice,

and you will be deemed to have accepted the Goods or invoice if you fail to do so.

5.7. The performance estimate of your system is included in your Final Quote. In order to check your system’s performance over time against this estimate, you can either check the MYRedback mobile app (your installer will help you set this up on the day of install) or by logging into your Redback Portal at

5.8 In order to maintain the system appropriately over time, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions as provided in the equipment manual. DC Power Co is also able to supply an electronic copy of this manual on request.


To the extent permitted by law, DC Power Co’s obligations to the Purchaser in respect of a breach of these Terms of Sale or a term implied by law will at DC Power Co’s option, be limited to:

6.1. the repair or replacement of the Goods;

6.2. paying for the cost of repair or replacement of the Goods; or

6.3. the supply of equivalent Goods.


7.1. The Goods include access to smart features such as our website, internet connectivity, and a mobile App, as further described in the product information we provide to you, some of which have additional terms of use. These features require a connection to your internet service, which you will need to maintain, including updating or reconnecting if connection is interrupted for any reason or you change your internet settings, provider, passwords, wifi modem etc.  Interruptions to data connection may affect functionality.  We or our suppliers own the intellectual property in those features, including any information available through those features whether provided by us, by you, by your users or otherwise in the course of the usage of the Goods.

7.2. You consent to including DC Power Co’s code to be listed within your inverter settings which will allow DC Power to have visibility of your energy data and undertake fault monitoring, among other things. We may use and disclose the information we collect about your battery and solar system for permitted purposes relating to the services we provide, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


8.1. These Terms of Sale are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws in effect in Victoria, Australia, and any dispute that cannot be resolved between the parties may be brought only in that jurisdiction.

8.2. These Terms of Sale take effect in the form in which DC Power Co offers them on its website from time to time.  Once the Purchaser submits the Order, the Terms in effect at the time of the Order apply to the Order.

8.3. The Purchaser must not assign any of its rights or obligations under the Terms of Sale without the prior approval of DC Power Co.

8.4. If all or part of a clause in these Terms of Sale is void, illegal or unenforceable, it may be severed without affecting the enforceability of any other provision.



To make a warranty claim, please contact DC Power Co via


As at 5 June 2020