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Thank you for providing your information to get your pricing estimate. This gives you a really good idea of the total costs, however we will do a home assessment to give you a final quote and confirm your needs.

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We guarantee to only take the information we need to provide this estimate. No pushy sales calls, just guidance when you need it.

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You're not locked in to the recommended system size, you can change it at any time after you place a deposit or consulting with your installer.

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We provide you with an idea of pricing so you can do your homework. But every home is different, which is why we do a home assessment before a final quote.

Government rebates

We don't include rebates in our estimate, because not everyone is eligible. If you are, your overall price will come down.

Your installation costs will vary depending on your home, here's three examples

Standard installation of solar and battery

Single storey, tin/colourbond roof (standard install)

Our installation price quoted is for this standard installation, for a single storey home and a tin/colourbond roof. See below for more specific pricing.

Single storey, tiled roof and split solar system

If you've got a tiled roof and you want to split your solar panels to face north and west, this will add around $400 to your install cost. See below for more specific pricing.

Double storey, klip lock roof, additional cabling

If you have a two storey home you'll need around 10m of extra cabling, and if you also have a klip lock roof you're looking at around an addition $1100 for install. See below for more specific pricing.

Additional installation costs for you to consider

The estimate we provide is based upon a standard setup, which assumes a single story home with a tin/colourbond roof and installation of the battery system on the side of your house.

Because everyone’s house is different, there are a few additional elements that will affect the final price you pay. See below.

Please note, the price for the Redback Hybrid System is not variable – it will only change depending on which sized system you get.

Roof type

Tile roof $10/panel
Landscape $30/panel
Klip lok roof $25/panel

Number of storeys

Single No additional cost
Double or more $400


More than 50km travel $2/km
Split solar array $200
More than 30m of additional cabling $15/m


Pricing shown is net of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) valued at $36 per certificate and assumes that the right of these certificates is assigned to the installer. Pricing will vary if STCs are not assigned to the installer (can be provided on request). Learn more about STCs here.

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