Your solar is exporting very little to the grid.

First thing’s first, let’s check the DC Power Co app.

If you’ve got a smart meter, you should be able to see your solar generation each day in the DC Power Co app.

If you can’t see any solar export, it’s likely your solar isn’t working properly. Please read on.

If you can see this solar export, then there’s nothing to worry about – your solar system is exporting well! If this is the case, please let us know that your solar alert wasn’t accurate by getting in touch at

Next, have a look at your inverter.

First, make sure the solar array switch and the inverter isolator are turned ON.

Can you see a warning light or error code on the display? If so, there might be something wrong with your inverter. If this is the case, you may need to call in an expert but before you do, you can try resetting your inverter yourself.

Most importantly though, please do not try to fix your inverter yourself. It’s a live electrical system and can be really dangerous. Always leave this work to an accredited expert.

If you’re at all unsure, please contact a licensed electrician.

Reset your inverter.

Please refer to your user manual to reset your inverter as all systems are slightly different, however below are some general instructions to help you.

1. Ensure the Solar Supply Main Switch on your switchboard is turned OFF.
2. Turn the AC switch(es) on your inverter OFF.
3. Wait 30 seconds, then turn the DC switch(es) OFF.
4. Once the inverter has powered down, turn the Solar Supply Main switch on your switchboard back ON.
5. Go back to your inverter and turn the AC switch(es) ON.
6. Turn the DC switch(es) ON.

Once you’ve reset your inverter, you’ll need to wait one full day before you check your DC Power Co app to see if your solar system is exporting electricity again.

If not, it seems there’s still something wrong.

Is the switchboard on?

Your switchboard needs to be on for your solar generation to export to the grid. If your house is being renovated or you’ve recently had some electrical work done, the electrician may have turned off your switchboard.

Go to your switchboard and check that the Solar Supply Main Switch is ON. If not, you may want to speak to your solar installer or electrician as to why it may be off (but again, please do not try and fix it yourself).

If you’re at all unsure, please contact a licensed electrician.


Call in an expert.

Still no luck? Get in touch with your original solar installer. If you don’t have their details, you can find a Clean Energy Council Accredited installer here. Inverters tend to come with a 5+ year warranty so it’s worth checking if yours is still covered.

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