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Using the DC Power Co app

A solar system is a big investment and, like any big investment, it’s important to know how it’s tracking and if you’re getting value from it.

For this, monitoring your solar system is absolutely crucial. Without it, it’s really hard to actually get the most out of your solar panel investment.

Most solar inverters come with built in solar production monitoring, however these tend to be limited both in the information they provide and the accessibility of the data.

Modern inverters usually provide an online monitoring platform however these tend to be separate from your power companies’ usage information, don’t account for exports and usage and often display information in different time intervals. Older inverters (5 years or older) usually require you to physically look at the dashboard to see any information about the system’s generation.

There are a number of other quality monitoring products available, most of which add another hefty expense to the overall cost of your solar system and need to be set up by an accredited professional. But what if there were monitoring tools provided by your power company as part of their everyday service?


Track your solar system from the palm of your hand

Here at DC Power Co, we strongly believe that anyone who’s invested in a solar system should be able to monitor its performance. That’s why we offer monitoring services and insights to all of our customers, no expensive equipment required.  

The DC Power Co app allows you to track your solar exports and electricity usage from anywhere in the world.

If you have a smart meter, you can view your daily usage and exports down to half hour intervals, measured in both kilowatt-hours (kWh) and dollars (as you can see above). This allows you to see trends throughout the week and month on month.


“We were left in the dark with our previous power company so we’re really loving how we can track our usage and solar generation now. It’s the little things that count and that make a big difference to our lives.” – Karen, Ballarat


Dig into the data

For those who really want to dig into the data, the DC Power Co online portal turns your electricity usage and solar exports into detailed heatmaps.

You can see exactly how much electricity you’ve used or exported at any point throughout the day over the past four weeks, 12 weeks or year. Plus, we’ll pull out the most significant high level insights for the selected time period so you can see where and when you’re using the most electricity.

The DC Power Co solar export heat map

So the customer above can see that they usually export electricity when the sun’s up while the black periods on either side reflect the lack of export at night. All fairly normal, however on 5 January they didn’t export much electricity during the day. This was because they hosted a lunch for family and friends so they were using their solar electricity rather than exporting it.


“I can use less electricity from the grid and save money.” – Alex, Melbourne


Solar Alert for peace of mind

Whether you’re looking at your usage and export data or not, you can always be confident your solar is working because we’ll let you know if it’s not.

We get your smart meter data every day, which means we can see if your solar system stops exporting electricity to the grid. If this is the case, we’ll send you a Solar Alert SMS to let you know something’s wrong and how to fix it, and we’ll follow up to make sure you got our message. That way you can get it back up and running (and saving) sooner.


I lost over $600 because my previous power company didn’t tell me when my solar system was switched off. With DC Power Co’s Solar Alert I no longer have to worry.” – Bob, Lang Lang


Your home’s electricity profile, direct to your inbox

As you know, maximising the value from your solar is about more than just seeing that it is working or when it’s working. It’s about how you use that information to adapt your usage behaviour and maximise the potential value from the system.

The DC Brief is a weekly insights email which contains an overview of your usage and exports for the past week along with insights to help you manage your bills and maximise savings.

The DC Brief

The DC Brief brings our monitoring service to you, so you don’t need to worry about checking your app or heatmap if you don’t have time. We’ll show you:

  • How much you spent on electricity last week
  • How much solar electricity you exported last week (in kWh) and how much you earned from it
  • The days where you used and exported the most
  • How much this week’s usage and exports varied from your average
  • Insights tailored to your feed-in tariff, such as when you should use your solar electricity and when you should export it


“Now I have more knowledge to manage my solar energy to get maximum benefit.” – Anne, Bacchus Marsh


Know your solar’s working and keep an eye on your usage, no expensive equipment required.

With DC Power Co, you’ll get monitoring and insights built in at no extra cost, so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of your solar system.

Find out about our services designed for solar customers.

With our Solar Alert, app and email service, you can be confident your solar will work harder and save you more.

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