Worried about cost? We’ve got a Savings Guarantee

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Have you ever switched power companies? It can seem like a real hassle. After all, who has time to compare offers and work out the best option?

Here at DC Power Co, we thought we’d take some of the hard work out of the decision by offering a Savings Guarantee for solar households who signed up with DC Power Co by 31 May, 2019.


Save with us, or your money back

As a solar household, if you don’t save money on electricity in your first year with us, compared to the last year with your previous provider, we’ll credit you the difference plus 10%*.  These savings are guaranteed up to the amount of electricity you used with your last provider. What more could you want?

We offered a Savings Guarantee because we’re fundamentally different to other companies. We provide services that will help you get the most from your solar system and save you money.


How did it work?

  1. Switch to DC Power Co by 31 May, 2019.
  2. Once you’ve been with us for a year, you can send us the last 12 months of bills from your previous provider.
  3. If you’ve paid more with us, we’ll credit your DC Power Co account with the difference, plus 10%.

If you didn’t have solar when you signed up but get a solar system installed within 12 months of joining DC Power Co, you’ll also be eligible for the Savings Guarantee.

The Savings Guarantee is now closed, but our services keep getting better…


A different energy experience

We think you should expect more than just a bill from your power company. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of services that will make it easy to save money with your solar system.


A Solar Alert so you know if your system ever stops working

20% of rooftop solar systems in Australia aren’t working properly and thousands of Australians are missing out on their solar savings. In fact, we estimate that could be $1155 a year for a Victorian household with a 4kW solar system. Be confident your system is working with our Solar Alert. If we notice your system’s export is unusual, we’ll let you know.


Personalised advice straight to your inbox

In one quick email, you can see how much you spent on electricity last week and how much your solar saved you. We give you insights tailored to your household, usage, climate conditions and feed-in tariff so you can get more out of your system.


Track and save with our app

With our industry-leading app and online portal you’ll be able to track your usage and exports, see your forecast costs and understand the times of day when you’re using the most electricity. Finally you’ll have visibility of your system’s performance with no expensive equipment required.



No hidden fees – now that’s different

Unlike other companies, we don’t make money by selling you more electricity. Instead of hiding our margin in your usage rate, we have a fixed $11 (GST inc.) monthly DC Fee that’s called out on your bill.

Plus, our customers get cost price power when they need to buy electricity from the grid. So they pay what we pay for electricity, no more.

Because of this, we can focus on helping you buy less grid power and get the most savings from your solar.



*If you don’t save money on electricity in your first year with us, compared to your previous provider, we’ll credit you the difference plus 10%. Available to customers with solar installed at time of claim. If you purchase more electricity in your first year with us, compared to the previous year, the savings calculation is based on the previous year’s electricity usage. Terms & Conditions apply


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