Installation of the Redback Smart Battery

Installation of the Redback Smart Battery starts at around $1300 to $1750 depending on your state and installer, but will ultimately depend on the building material of your home.

Because everyone’s house is different, there are a few additional elements that will affect the final price you pay. For example, weatherboard homes require a fire protection board to be installed for safety, and a garage installation may require a bollard. See below for examples and standard inclusions.

Your installation costs will vary depending on your home, here are three examples

Standard installation of solar and battery

Installed in a garage

Your battery can be installed in your garage, but this will require a bollard to be installed (additional $185) and, as it's an internal wall, a fireproof backing (additional $175) to comply with safety regulations. This home is in Victoria so an Energy Safe Victoria inspection is required (additional $180).

Weatherboard home with switchboard works required

Weatherboard installations require a structural board and fireproof backing (additional $450). This install also requires a weatherproof enclosure for the battery system (additional $370) and some extra work to the switchboard (additional $99).

Installed on the opposite wall to the switchboard

If you have your battery installed further away from your switchboard, extra cabling will be required (in this case an additional $65). This install also requires a switchboard upgrade (additional $910) and a canopy to block sunlight from hitting the battery directly (additional $300).

Please note, these are indicative prices only and you’ll need a formal quote from your installer to understand what it will cost for you.


Indicative standard inclusions: Indicative standard exclusions
Cable – AC & DC (assuming the battery and inverter installation is within 7 meters of main switch board) Structural backing board
Battery isolator Fireproof cement sheet
AC isolator Concrete plinth
Circuit breakers x 2 Bollard
Extras – electrical conduit, cable ties etc Residual current devices for your switchboard
Electrical Sub-board
Electrical inspection fee (ACT/VIC)


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