What’s so good about a solar battery?

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Did you know some power companies focus on attracting new customers at the expense of their loyal, long-term customers? Here at DC Power Co, we believe in acknowledging and rewarding all of our customers, not penalising those who’ve been with us from the beginning. So if you sign up with DC Power Co by 15 May, 2019, you’ll go in the draw to win one of two solar battery packages worth over $14,000 (GST exc).

Why should I want a solar battery?

Solar batteries, also known as solar energy storage, help solar households maximise the value they’re getting from their solar.

The key is that batteries allow you to use your solar at any time of the day or night so you can buy less electricity from the grid. This means you can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, your electricity bill.


Are batteries complicated?

Batteries couldn’t be easier! There’s an application process to get the battery installed (just like when you installed your solar) but once installed, you don’t need to do anything. The battery just works!

When the sun’s up, your solar system will automatically charge your battery. When the sun goes down and your solar panels stop producing electricity, your battery will automatically kick in and start powering your home.

So what happens when you’ve used all of the electricity stored in the battery? Don’t worry, your lights won’t go out! Your house will automatically switch to grid electricity when your battery is drained.

So why don’t more households have a solar battery?

Batteries are still pretty expensive, which means they’re not financially viable for most households… yet.

Like solar ten years ago, the cost of solar storage is decreasing and rebates are being introduced to help encourage the uptake of batteries. In fact the Victorian Solar Battery Rebate is due to begin on 1 July, 2019 and will cover up to half the value of a solar battery install up to the value of $4838.

It won’t be long before batteries become more affordable and more widespread throughout the community.


But why wait? You can go in the draw to win a solar storage battery

Here at DC Power Co, we believe solar batteries are the future of home energy and we’re committed to helping our loyal customers reduce their electricity bills.

So if you sign up with DC Power Co by 15 May, 2019, we’ll give you one entry into the draw to win a solar battery package worth over $14,000 (GST exc). Plus for each person who switches to DC Power Co using your referral code by 15 May, 2019, we’ll give you another entry. And, your friend who joins us will also get a ticket in the draw!

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Ready to add a solar battery to your solar system?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is our powerful yet simple and affordable battery package that’s compatible with any existing solar system. Starting at just $6750 plus installation, it’s a modular battery package that comes with great warranties and blackout protection included at no extra cost.

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Ready to get a solar and a battery?

Designed specifically for households adding solar panels and a battery at the same time, the DC Power Co solar and battery package brings world-leading, tier 1 solar panels together with an Australian-designed battery solution in one streamlined, cost-effective package. With financing options available, you can start saving with your solar and battery system now, and pay it off over time.

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