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Crowdfunding closed 31 July.

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“Nic Frances Gilley, the co-founder of solar specialists DC Power Co, said governments would get a better return by subsidising the take-up of batteries for homes already equipped with roof-top solar.”

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Answering Australia’s call for a renewable energy revolution

Australia’s solar homes have three times the energy capacity of the country’s largest coal-fired power plant. It just needs to be unlocked. To do this we’ll make getting a solar battery simple, putting households in control and creating a more reliable, renewable energy supply.


A one-stop-shop for home renewables

DC Power Co is a different kind of company. Australians are increasingly switching to renewables in the home, and we support them to lower their bills when they do it. Coming to our one-stop-shop, households can get 100% carbon neutral energy, solar panels, an upgrade or  a battery. DC Power Co also advocates for system change, to give solar households a collective voice they deserve.


A different kind of business

Our personalised service is designed to help Australian households move to renewables in the home, and get the most value out of their solar system when they do. We want to help them buy less, not more, electricity. DC Power Co offers a suite of solar services including the Solar Alert and DC Brief, and advice on when an upgrade might be right for you. We also source the best suppliers to provide quality solar systems and batteries.


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DC Power Co: Harnessing the collective power of home storage to create the ‘Big Aussie Battery’


Where do you think we should focus our energy?


Here comes the sun


Investor Updates

25 OCT 2019

DC Sunny Saver battery package launched, first to investors and then publically.

21 OCT 2019

Kirsten Gabel appointed to the DC Power Co Board as the new crowdfunding investor representative.

6 AUG 2019

Second equity crowdfunding campaign is successfully funded, with $1.6 million invested. Thank you and well done to everyone who invested.

26 JUL 2019

DC Power Co launches second equity crowdfunding campaign, to take on the big electricity companies with a renewable alternative to coal-fired power.

14 FEB 2019

Electricity and gas offer launched to the public on Valentine’s Day, because we love solar.

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to allow a new investor, St Baker Energy Innovation Trust, to take up an investment of over 20% of DC Power Co shares by contributing up to $4 million in new funding.

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to reduce the 22 pre-crowdfunding investors’ shareholding, which increases the overall shareholding of the crowdfunding investors.

30 OCT 2018

DC Power Co beta program launched for first customers and investors.

26 SEP 2018

Julia Agostino appointed to the DC Power Co Board to represent our crowdfunding shareholders.

Investing in DC Power Co

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Can I sell my DC Power Co shares?

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How do I manage my shares?

Crowdfunding investors’ shares are being held securely in a share registry called Link Market Services. You can manage your shareholding details through Link’s online portal, […]

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Can I become an investor?

DC Power Co is partly funded through equity crowdfunding, which allows public investors to purchase shares in the company. We’re not running an equity crowdfunding […]

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