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$2.2 million. More than 12,500 investors.

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Why crowdfunding?

How do we make sure that we respond to the needs of solar people? Invite them to own our company of course.

With more than 12,500 owners, and a representative of our crowdfunding investors on our Board, we can’t forget what our customers want because they are advising us every step of the way.

Investor Updates

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to allow a new investor, St Baker Energy Innovation Trust, to take up an investment of over 20% of DC Power Co shares by contributing up to $4 million in new funding.

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to reduce the 22 pre-crowdfunding investors’ shareholding, which increases the overall shareholding of the crowdfunding investors.

30 OCT 2018

DC Power Co Beta launched!

26 SEP 2018

Julia Agostino appointed to the DC Power Co Board to represent our crowdfunding shareholders.

5 SEP 2018

Voting open to elect a crowdfunding representative to the DC Power Co Board.

24 AUG 2018

Nominations open for crowdfunding investor representative on the DC Power Co Board.

27 JUL 2018

Shareholders have been sent confirmation of their DC Power Co shareholding.

Recent Media


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Future investment opportunities

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