DC Power Co treat me as more than a number: Bob’s story

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Bob DC Power Co

When Bob from Victoria decided to get a solar battery, he knew exactly who to turn to. 

He already enjoyed a suite of solar services from DC Power Co, a company that gives a different kind of service. 

“They treat me a little bit differently,” he says. “They treat you like you’re a person, you’re not a number.”

It’s little things like that, Bob says, that make a difference.


Experience the DC service for yourself

At DC Power Co, we make getting solar and/or a battery easy. So if you’re ready to get solar or, like Bob, add a battery to your existing solar system, check out our packages below.

If you’re looking for solar panels and a battery:

View the Solar and Redback Battery Package

If you already have solar panels and just need a battery:

View the Sungrow Battery Package

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