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DC Power Co treat me as more than a number: Bob’s story

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Bob DC Power Co

When Bob from Victoria decided to get a solar battery, he knew exactly who to turn to. 

He already enjoyed a suite of solar services from DC Power Co, a company that gives a different kind of service. 

“They treat me a little bit differently,” he says. “They treat you like you’re a person, you’re not a number.”

It’s little things like that, Bob says, that make a difference.


Experience the DC service for yourself

At DC Power Co, we’re made for solar households. Our customers get a Solar Alert to let them know anytime their solar exports look unusually low, personalized advice to help them maximise their solar savings and access to our great solar panel and battery offers. 

We’ve teamed up with Powershop to offer an exciting new energy offer so you can get all of that along with 100% carbon offset energy by Powershop.

So, why not experience the DC service for yourself?

View the DC Power Plus energy plan

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