Melbourne to Adelaide electric vehicle charge path complete

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Melbourne to Adelaide charge path map

Fancy driving between Melbourne and Adelaide in an electric vehicle? No problem! A new ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging station, from charging provider Chargefox, has opened up in Horsham connecting the two capital cities. 

The continued rollout of these charging stations is great news for electric vehicle owners, as our own Product Specialist (and EV owner) Johan Karlsson knows all too well…


From lockdown to the wine country

Guest post by Johan Karlsson, Product Specialist at DC Power Co

Johan charging electric vehicle

For us Melbournians, the last 8 months have been pretty tough. A string of lockdowns have been in place as we battled COVID-19, including limitations on travel to within a 5 and 25km radius. 

I’ve been itching to go for a big drive and experience some new parts of this beautiful state and, thanks to charging provider Chargefox, there are now even more options for rapid electric vehicle charging. 

Melbourne and Adelaide are now fully connected with ultra-rapid fast charging stations, with four of these charging stations between Melbourne and Adelaide. While arguably you could get to Adelaide with only two of these (with a longer range car like the Hyundai Kona Electric) having more chargers means you can now do more short, sharp stops along the way. 

This is good news because the last 20% or so of EV charging generally takes as long as the first 80%. By having more charging locations where you can top up, say, half of the battery capacity, you’ll be able to do the trip quicker and with a lot more range available. 


How fast? 

Charging speed does depend on the specific charger, your car, and how full the battery is when you start charging. 

Chargefox ultra-rapid changing installations are best-in-class and tend to offer at least two 350kW chargers and a couple of 50kW chargers – generally from Australian charging leader Tritium. To put that in context, a 350kW charger can (in a best case scenario) add 400km of range in only 15 minutes. A 50kW charger will take a bit over an hour to add 400km. 



As depicted on the map above, there are four stops along the way. These are in Ballarat and Horsham on the Victorian side, and then Keith and Murray Bridge on the South Australian side. 

So with state borders back open and EV chargers aplenty, why not take a drive this summer?

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