Less solar stress, more time to focus on the important things: Mark’s story

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Mark in front of house - DC Power Co customer

Mark Fenech is the first to admit his pathway to solar success has sometimes been a rocky one. Even before his first watt of solar power was generated, Mark had to wait six months for his local network operator to come out to his property and give his system the ok.

It was the first and one of the biggest hurdles he’s encountered after installing solar panels on his new home in 2012. It’s not surprising then that the 38 year old bus driver yearned for an energy company that offered service, information and skills in making rocky roads smoother.

Enter DC Power Co, who Mark joined recently after struggling for years with a big-three energy retailer. He simply didn’t trust an electricity company who he didn’t feel was on his side. It didn’t even tell him when his 4-kilowatt solar system had stopped working.  

When I was with my previous provider my solar system shut down and I didn’t realise until I got a bill,” he says.

Today, having DC Power Co on his side “gives me more time”, says Mark.

“I don’t have to be continually guessing whether my system is performing. DC Power Co does that for me.


“I’m getting a better service. I’m getting something that suits me better. It provides me with information so when something does go wrong I can address it so much quicker.”


For Mark, it’s about working in partnership with DC Power Co to squeeze as much power as possible out of his solar energy system. Much of the strength of that partnership is based on a flow of information delivered by DC Power Co through its weekly emails.

“I can actually see what my system is up to,” says Mark.

“With DC Power Co’s services, it’s the best fit for me. It’s not about who has the cheapest price. Being the best fit for me means it works out to be cheaper for me.”

Mark also feels good about supporting a 100% Australian-owned company, supporting Australian jobs, and is proud to have invested in DC Power Co during its world first crowdfunding campaign last year.

“I like the service. I’ve invested in it so I’m here for the long term. I have faith in it.”

“This is power for the people, from the people.”

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