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Would you know if your solar system stopped working? There’s a 20% chance it isn’t

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Solar panels are self-sufficient. This makes them a great way for busy families to save money on their electricity bills, however it also means it’s easy to miss the signs when your system stops working.

In fact one in five solar systems in Australia are deficient, which means there’s a 20% chance your solar system isn’t working and you’re missing out on those valuable solar savings.

If you miss the signs when the problem hits, it could be months before you notice your solar system isn’t delivering savings or even years if you’re paying your electricity bills by direct debit.

According to our estimates, a household in Victoria with a 4kW solar system would be losing $1155 a year if their system stopped working.


That’s why it’s critical that you know your solar system is working. But how can you stay on top of it?

There are a couple of options when it comes to monitoring your solar system. While there is expensive equipment that you can add to your existing solar system, why not get your power company to do it for you? DC Power Co offers a Solar Alert as standard to all solar customers with smart meters.

If we notice your solar system stops exporting electricity to the grid, we’ll send you an SMS to let you know something doesn’t look right. We’ll help you find out what happened so we can get your system back up and running sooner.

So you don’t have to monitor your solar system if you don’t want to. You can join DC Power Co confident in the knowledge we’re doing it for you.


Know your solar’s working, no expensive equipment required.

If your solar system ever stops exporting electricity to the grid, we’ll let you know with a Solar Alert SMS to help you get it working again sooner.

Find out about our services designed for solar customers.

With our Solar Alert, personalised advice and email service, you can be confident your solar will work harder and save you more.

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