Investor of the month: Henry

Introducing Henry, DC Power Co investor

Job: Student & First Aid Officer

From: Brisbane, QLD

Henry - DC Power Co investor of the month


Why did you invest in DC Power Co?

I invested in DC Power Co for a few reasons.

The transition to a low emissions / minimal fossil fuel economy is inevitable. One issue I see is that the large energy incumbents, “the gentailers”, such as Origin, AGL, Energy Australia and Alinta all have a large fossil fuel fleet. And they have to get their value for money from these assets so shutting them down early as part of an orderly transition may not be in their best interests. So I wanted to invest in a company that had not fossil fuel/high emissions assets.

The second reason also has to do with the large energy incumbents. These companies run big power generating assets, and they want you to buy your electricity from them so they can make a profit. While many of the incumbents do offer solar installation services, because they want you to buy their electricity, not make your own and sell it to them, they have no incentive to tell you when your solar panels are not working or working sub-optimally. So that’s the second reason I invested in DC Power Co, the company was founded to help customers get the most out of their solar (and possibly battery system).

The third reason is that I’m into investing in clean energy and recycling companies. The fourth and final reason was of course climate change.


Do you have solar?

We don’t currently have solar but we hope to have a solar and battery system in the not too distant future. When I am able to buy my own property I will definitely be getting solar and a (or possibly multiple) batteries, hopefully from DC. Ideally, I’d like to have a solar and battery system set up that is self-sufficient, in other words able to generate and store most of the energy needed for the property and only importing a minimal amount of electricity from the grid.


Tell us something not many people know about you…

I keep Australian Native Stingless Bees. I’ve been keeping them for a few years now and have a few hives. I keep them both for hopefully turning it into a small side business in the coming years but also because I just find them intrinsically interesting and it is relaxing just to sit in the garden and watch them do their thing. I would encourage everyone to look into native bees as well and strive to make their gardens more native bee friendly.


Get to know Henry…

Henry is currently studying a dual Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Paramedic Science at the Queensland University of Technology, and works casually as a First Aid Officer at Southbank in Brisbane.

He’s passionate about investing in clean energy solutions and is a proud DC Power Co investor.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride these last few years and DC has faced and overcome so many challenges,” he said.

“In particular, simply establishing themselves as a new player in a very competitive and complex industry alone is a tremendous achievement.

“I’m really excited to see what the new Community Investment Battery program produces and can’t wait to accompany DC as a shareholder on the next chapter of their story.”

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Get to know past investors of the month

Introducing Helmut, DC Power Co investor and battery customer

Job: Stone Sculptor

From: Northwest Tasmania


Why did you invest in DC Power Co?

I only invested $50 but I felt it was the right thing to do because politically neither of the major parties have their act together when it comes to taking action on climate change. DC Power Co is ethical in every way and I wanted to be part of it.


Do you have solar?

Yes I have a 3kW solar system and I recently got a 5kWh battery too through DC Power Co.

My main reason for this was that I believe in a future smart and decentralised energy grid. Every household and business will have a chance to be a local solar PV generator and a battery network will assist in smoothing out the pesky peak demand spikes the grid can suffer from.

It always makes me feel better if I can contribute to solutions rather than adding to the growing problems this little planet is facing.


Tell us something not many people know about you…

Helmut’s stone sculpting – granite stingrays

I make stone scultures and it was actually the commission from one of my pieces that I used to buy my solar battery.

With that money I could either change my old car and buy a new status symbol or get a solar battery. I went with the battery because it seemed more like what we all need rather than me getting a fossil fuel burner on four wheels!


Get to know Helmut…

Helmut lives in northwest Tasmania. Passionate about the environment, he’s conscious of his impact both at home and on the road – he has two electric bicycles and feels really good about being able to charge them using the sun.

Now that he has a home battery, Helmut’s dream is to get an electric motorbike.

“In summer when I don’t use all of my solar power in my house, I can use it to charge my motorbike,” he says.

“And in winter, when I don’t like to ride much, I can use the motorbike battery as an extension of my household system.”

Introducing Roz, DC Power Co investor

Job: Retired remedial massage therapist

From: Gold Coast, QLD

Roz - Investor of the month


Why did you invest in DC Power Co?

I saw DC Power Co on The Morning Show one day. I’m a solar owner and thought the concept was great. The company seemed trustworthy and was doing good things for solar homes so I thought it was the way to go.


Do you have solar?

Around 10 years ago my husband and I put solar on our house. I now live on a houseboat and have solar panels and a battery on that too. I got it because I could see energy costs were rising and I knew they weren’t going to stop.


Tell us something not many people know about you…

I once went to New Zealand for lunch!

Well, that makes it sound a lot more glamorous than it was. In reality, we were flying home from Fiji and couldn’t get a direct flight home. So we stopped over in New Zealand, called my husband’s friend and she took us out for lunch.


Get to know Roz…

Roz lives on a houseboat on the Gold Coast. Equipped with solar panels and a battery, she’s connected to shore power when in the marina but can be fully sustainable when she’s out on the water.

Roz enjoys travelling, both in Australia and overseas. Not only did she go to New Zealand for lunch, but she wore a ‘free hugs’ t-shirt on the Great Wall of China! Now she’s front and centre in hundreds of strangers’ travel photos.

“It’s amazing,” she says. “You can just point to the words and open your arms and people from all over the world know it’s a hug.”

In fact COVID-19 didn’t just put a stop to her travel plans.

“I’m a hugger,” says Roz. “Us huggers are really missing it these days!”

Introducing Stuart, DC Power Co investor and customer

Job: Retired Bed & Breakfast owner

From: Central Tilba, NSW


Stuart with his partner Philip

Philip (left) and Stuart (right)


Why did you invest in DC Power Co? 

I liked the concept of the company and have a strong interest in renewable energy. We had solar on our B&B and had just recently built our solar passive house. I was the registered owner-builder on the project, so I was very interested in all of that kind of thing.


Do you have solar?

We had solar on our two Bed & Breakfasts and we have a 5kW solar system on our house.

We got it because we believe it’s urgent that we shift away from fossil fuels and reduce our carbon emissions. It’s clear that having solar panels is a really useful way to do that.


Tell us something not many people know about you…

My partner Philip and I have recently started taking singing lessons. Over the past few years, we’ve been singing in a choir but not many people know we’ve started lessons. It’s quite funny, we’re both over 70 and here we are having singing lessons!


Get to know Stuart…

Stuart and his partner Philip live in the coastal town of Central Tilba in New South Wales. While it was largely unplanned at the time, they moved up from Melbourne in 2003 and set up two Bed & Breakfasts.

Now retired, Stuart and Philip built a solar passive house in 2015 fully equipped with a 5kW solar system. They don’t have a battery yet, however Stuart is really interested in community batteries. He is also involved in a few small-scale renewable energy projects in his local area, putting solar panels on community buildings.

Stuart enjoys traveling and had plans to visit the Northern Territory before the state borders closed. He also has two sons and his grandchildren in Melbourne.

Introducing Liz, DC Power Co investor and customer

Job: Pharmacist

From: Bentleigh, VIC


Why did you invest in DC Power Co? 

To add to my husband and my share portfolio, because I believe in green energy as a means to minimise our fossil fuel use, reduce green-house gas emissions and help to contribute to a stabilisation of global warming (I’m not expecting a reduction).


Do you have solar?

We have solar panels and 2 solar batteries installed in January.


Tell us something not many people know about you…

I love crosswords and word puzzles and sudoku.


Get to know Liz…

Liz has been married for 36 years and has two adult children and one granddaughter. She says she’d love to live off grid but living in the suburbs this isn’t an option. Instead, she and her husband built a Fasham-Johnson solar passive house in 2000, which remains a constant temperature for most of the year.

“Since we got our solar panels and batteries, we only need to run the split system for a couple of hours per day to keep the open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms at a comfortable 19 degrees,” says Liz. “This is usually offset by the solar we have supplied to the grid during the day.”

Liz supports many causes, particularly around environmental issues such as global warming. She and her husband also love nature and grow lots of their own veggies, herbs and lemons, all organic.

“My husband and I think of ourselves as a couple of ‘old hippies’.

“We love nature, go camping (when we’re allowed), walk for miles every day, and love cooking and eating at home. We also love travel, in Australia and the UK and Europe. We had a trip booked for April this year, but had to cancel it. We’re not certain we will ever get there again.”