Investor Updates

1 Oct 2021

DC Power Co releases financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2021. Click here to view the 2021 Financial Statement.

5 MAY 2021

Investor update circulated.

17 FEB 2021
16 FEB 2021
9 DEC 2020

December shareholder meeting held.

4 NOV 2020

Quarterly investor update circulated.

4 AUG 2020

Quarterly investor update circulated.

18 JUN 2020

New solar and battery package launched, first to investors and then publicly.

3 JUN 2020

Quarterly investor update circulated.

1 APR 2020

Quarterly investor update circulated.

24 JAN 2020

Quarterly investor update circulated.

19 DEC 2019

Quarterly investor update circulated.

25 OCT 2019

DC Power Co Solar Battery Package launched, first to investors and then publicly.

21 OCT 2019

Kirsten Gabel appointed to the DC Power Co Board as the new crowdfunding investor representative.

21 OCT 2019

Investor update circulated.

6 AUG 2019

Second equity crowdfunding campaign is successfully funded, with $1.6 million invested. Thank you and well done to everyone who invested.

26 JUL 2019

DC Power Co launches second equity crowdfunding campaign, to take on the big electricity companies with a renewable alternative to coal-fired power.

21 MAY 2019

Investor update circulated.

14 FEB 2019

Electricity and gas offer launched to the public on Valentine’s Day, because we love solar.

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to allow a new investor, St Baker Energy Innovation Trust, to take up an investment of over 20% of DC Power Co shares by contributing up to $4 million in new funding.

5 DEC 2018

Resolution passed to reduce the 22 pre-crowdfunding investors’ shareholding, which increases the overall shareholding of the crowdfunding investors.

30 OCT 2018

DC Power Co beta program launched for first customers and investors.

26 SEP 2018

Julia Agostino appointed to the DC Power Co Board to represent our crowdfunding shareholders.

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